Nutrition You Need To Add In Your Diet To Lower Your Flu Risk


Nutrition is everything. It is very important to understand that we are 24/7 under the attack from viruses like flu. Find out which food items can help you

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It is very important to understand that we are 24/7 under the attack from viruses. Our body fights these viruses daily in order to keep us away from serious diseases like flu. Flu virus generally spreads during the winter. It is essential to have a good immune system to combat health-related problems. A good immune system is built by eating healthy and regularly to keep the WBCs strong enough to fight viruses. Macronutrients are necessary for our immunity as they contain protein and healthy fats. Here are some foods you must add in your day to day diet to have a strong immune system to fight viruses like flu.


Every basic diet plan has eggs in it. Eggs are rich in selenium which boosts your immune system and helps to keep your thyroid functioning well. Eggs are filled with proteins and amino acids that provides nourishment to our immune system. These proteins and amino acids support our cells in building blocks and also in T-cell enhancement.

Wheat germ

Nutrient-rich wheat germ contains vitamin E, selenium, phosphorus and magnesium. It provides zinc to the vegetarians. Wheat germs are the sprouts of wheat that grow into a plant. It is sodium and cholesterol-free. Mixing wheat germ into smoothies can increase it’s potential.

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Carrots are suggested to repair your immune system. Carrots are a high source of carotene and vitamin A. Vitamin A  prevents your cells from getting damaged. Whether raw, lightly steamed, roasted, shredded or tossed in salads and more, you can have carrots in various ways.


We all know how important vitamin A is for stronger immunity. Almonds are rich in vitamin A. An almond's skin is proven to boost immunity to fight infections. Other than having just almond seeds one can also try almond butter in their sandwiches.

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Garlic is known for having abilities to fight infections. It is common to consume garlic when a person has a common cold as it controls the longevity of cold’s symptoms. People who eat garlic often are less likely to get cold.

Flu is a deadly disease so why not prevent it beforehand. Health is everything and to have a good immune system it takes a lot of self-care. Add these items in your diet to keep yourself healthy. Staying healthy and fit should be the utmost priority.

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