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Oral Hygiene Is The Need Of The Hour: Know 5 Dental Hygiene Pro Tips To Follow At Home

Oral hygiene is important for keeping all dental problems at bay. So in order to maintain oral hygiene, one needs to keep these five pro tips in mind.

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Bad Oral Hygiene can lead to several problems like bad breath, mouth ulcers, cavities and other diseases like pyorrhoea. Maintaining healthy oral hygiene at home is the need of the hour. This is because, owing to the lockdown, and most doctors and nurses volunteering to the COVID-19 cause, getting immediate dental health assistance can prove difficult for many. Moreover, it is always wise to maintain precaution when it comes to health. As the adage goes, prevention is better than cure and hence, one must keep it on their priority list to not just wash hands these days regularly to keep germs at bay but also practice good dental hygiene measures for a healthier you.

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With absolutely no possibility of visiting a dentist now, keeping one's dental health top-notch at home is a must. Talking about Oral hygiene, let's take a look at some oral hygiene tips you need to keep in mind at home, to prevent all the mouth-related problems-

1. Brushing your teeth minimum twice daily 


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Brushing your teeth daily twice a day is mandatory for basic oral hygiene routine. Hence it shouldn't be missed under any circumstances or excuses out of laziness. Brushing teeth in the morning and before bedtime is a must if you wish to stay away from all the dental hazards or any other oral diseases.

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2. Regular Flossing


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Regular flossing helps in removing food particles which are stuck in between the gaps of your teeth. Is it a necessary step to maintain oral hygiene. Also keep in mind that while using dental floss, one should also scrape off the tongue as the coating over the tongue can lead to the creation of very stinky bacteria in your mouth, further resulting in bad breath.

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3. Opt for a good mouth wash


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Sometimes people think that skipping the use of mouthwash will do them no harm, but as per dental experts, frequent use of a good mouth wash can combat various issues related to dental health. 

4. Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption 


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Too much intake of alcohol and cigarette smoking not only destroys your oral hygiene but also leads some life-threatening diseases like cancer, respiratory hazards, and strokes. So make it a point not to consume them daily. Still, if one consumes them occasionally, brushing post consumption is highly recommended. 

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5. Eat healthy meals


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Healthy lifestyle, eating habits also work in favour of your dental health. This is because if you won't consume any unhealthy food items like junk food, sweet desserts, etc the chances of any sticky food particles getting stuck in your mouth are very less. This further improves oral hygiene levels to a major extent. 

Disclaimer: The above information has been curated from various dental health and oral hygiene articles. Therefore making any drastic changes in your lifestyle, it is advised to take consult your dentist first.


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