Skincare Tips: 4 Amazing Benefits Of Using Saffron For Your Skin


Beauty benefits of saffron are immense. Saffron is famous for skin toning, cancer-fighting properties, weight loss and reduction of appetite. Get Details.

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Saffron has historically been considered as a spice for royals. It is one of the most expensive spices in the world. Saffron has many anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Here are some beauty benefits of saffron, which will work like magic on your skin.

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How Saffron can work wonders for your skin

Saffron Tonic

Saffron’s medicinal properties are well-known. Saffron Tonic has been in use since centuries and still is considered as a solution to all our skin problems. Saffron works wonders when mixed with rose-water. The mixture fights blemishes and purifies the skin cells from within.

For rejuvenating one's skin

There are many ingredients which can solve the dullness of the skin, but saffron is considered to be the best. Saffron works like a charm when mixed with milk. The milk-mixture needs rest so that it can absorb all the healing properties from saffron. Adding Sandalwood powder to the mixture and using it as a face pack will do the magic.

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Acne is one of the most commonly faced issues by youngsters. However, fret not, as Saffron’s anti-bacterial agents help fight the blemishes and resolve the issues of acne. The best-advised way to use saffron for treating acne is to mix it with basil leaves (tulsi) and then use it as a face pack. This mask also works to cure boils and pimples.

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Tan Removal

Saffron works wonders when mixed with curd. The mixture helps to get rid of any tan and moisturises the skin, making it soft. It is highly recommended to use this mixture in summers. Application of this mask will give you results at the snap of a finger.

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Mentioned above were some of the best medicinal uses for Saffron. Apart from the benefits mentioned above, Saffron is also famous for skin toning, cancer-fighting properties, weight loss and reduction of appetite. It can also be included in our diet. So why waste tons of money on salons and beauty treatments, when you have a magic spice stored in your kitchen to do the trick for you!

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