Tooth Staining, Oral Health Issues Resulting From Smoking: How To Quit


Most individuals know it’s terrible for their health to smoke. Smoking can trigger a lot of distinct medical issues and, in some instances, deadly illnesses.

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Most individuals know it is terrible for their health to smoke. It can trigger a lot of distinct medical issues and, in some instances, even deadly illnesses. Many individuals, however, do not realize the harm to their mouth, gums, and teeth caused by smoking. Due to the tobacco, nicotine, and tar, one of the consequences of smoking is stains on the teeth. It can yellow your teeth in a very short period of time, and heavy smokers often complain that after years of smoking their teeth are almost brown.

How can smoking affect my oral health?

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Smoking creates bacterial plague, which leads to gum diseases. Gums are impacted due to the absence of oxygen in the bloodstream caused by smoking, so the infected gums do not heal. Smoking can cause cancer of the lungs and throat, and it is also one of the major causes of mouth cancer. Every year, thousands of individuals die from smoking-induced mouth cancer.

Smokers are likely to have more bad breath than non-smokers. Breath products like mouthwash may help disguise the problem in the short term, but they won’t cure it. It is essential that you frequently visit your dentist for a regular check-up and complete mouth examination so that you can spot any other smoking-related problems quickly.   

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Consider nicotine replacement therapy

Withdrawal of nicotine may give you headaches, impact your mood, or sap your energy. Nicotine replacement treatment may curb these urges.

Avoid alcohol and other triggers

It’s more difficult to stick to your no-smoking objective when you drink. So when you try to quit, restrict alcohol. Likewise, if you have a habit of smoking while having coffee, then switch to tea for a couple of weeks.

Clean your house

Toss all your ashtrays and lighters once you’ve smoked your last cigarette. Wash any clothes that smell like smoke and clean carpets, draperies, and clothing. To get rid of that familiar scent, use air fresheners. You don’t want anything that reminds you to smoke.

Your reward

In addition to all the health advantages, all the cash you save is one of the advantages of giving up cigarettes.

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