Top Yoga Asanas That Work Effectively For Hair Fall Reduction


Yoga is an ancient way of maintaining the flexibility of the body and keeping it healthy. Here are a few asanas that can help you reduce and prevent hair fall.

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Hair fall is a huge problem. Losing hair causes a lot of trauma and also affects self-confidence. It starts because of various reasons such as stress, hormonal disorders, bad eating habits, diseases, drugs, hair dyes, smoking, etc. Many people worry about hair fall and try out ways that can be harmful to their hair. One of the most effective and least harmful ways to prevent hair fall is doing yoga. Yoga is an ancient way of maintaining the flexibility of the body and keeping it healthy. Here are some asanas that can help you reduce and prevent hair from falling.

Sasangana Position

Sasangana position is a very intense asana. Sit down with your knees and rest on your heels comfortably on the floor. Place your hands behind and try holding your heels. Make your head touch the ground by trying to move forward and while doing so raise your hips. Breath normally and try to relax while holding on to the position for five breaths. Exhale and let yourself sink in, slowly return to the starting position.

Matyasana Position

Matlyasana position can be very relaxing. Such yoga positions work fairly for hair fall reduction and prevention. Lie straight on the floor and keep your legs together. Keep the hands under the thighs and don’t forget to keep the palms facing downwards. Pull your upper torso up slowly and drop your head behind. The crown should touch the ground. Breathe in deeply and hold on to that position for 5 breaths.

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Ustrasana Position

Ustarasana position stretches all the muscles evenly. Sit with the knees on the floor and fold your legs at the back. Make sure the legs are perpendicular when folded. Slowly bend backward and hold your heels. Look up at the ceiling stretching the back nicely. Exhale and slowly come back to the starting position.

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Vajrasana Position

Vajrasana position is the easiest asana in the list which can also be done after eating. It relaxes the entire body and calms the mind down. Sit down comfortably with the back straight making sure that the legs are stretched out. Keep both the palms facing downwards. Swiftly start folding the legs and place them under the thighs. Make sure the ankles are resting. Keep the hands on the thighs. Breathe slowly while trying to relax. Go back to the original position slowly by straightening your legs.

Utthanasana Position

Utthanasana is one of those most effective yoga positions that are useful for many problems. Hair fall can be controlled through this yoga position as it works inside out and it is easy to do. Stand straight and keep the feet together. Extend your arms high up and exhale while doing so. Bend forward to touch the toes. Try to touch them with the palms open. Stay in this position for 5 seconds and breathe normally. While going back up to the original position, inhale deeply.

Yoga also relaxes the mind eliminating the chances of hair fall through stress. Still, try consulting a doctor if your hair is falling in a huge volume. Make sure you eat healthy to support your efforts in controlling the hair fall. Hair fall is normal and can be reduced.

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