Tried And Tested Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Your Hiccup Episodes


Hiccups can interfere with the daily proceedings of one’s life by interrupting their eating & speaking. There are several easy ways to get rid of them. Read on.

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Hiccups are usually caused by sudden spasms of the diaphragm, which makes the vocal cord to close suddenly. Short episodes of hiccups are nothing to worry about since they often go away on their own. However, if your hiccups become chronic andlast more than three hours, you must see a doctor.

There are different home remedies to get rid of hiccups. Here are some easy means to do away with hiccups.

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How to Stop Hiccups at Home?

Measured breathing

This is one of the common techniques to get rid of hiccups. A conscience break in the regulated breathing process can put an end to your episode of hiccups once and for all.

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Pressure points

Applying pressure on certain important pressure points of the body, one can control your hiccup episode. This activity involves pulling the tongue or applying pressure on the diaphragm.

Carotid artery

The carotid artery is placed just below the ears — the point which is touched while checking for a pulse. Massaging this area is also an effective way of stopping hiccups.

Drinking water

Drinking water does get rid of hiccups, but the process becomes quicker when the water is drunk in combination with some other tactic. For example, hiccups go away instantly when one drinks water while holding the nose to stop breathing. Additionally, drinking a glass of warm water without stopping for breath can also get rid of hiccups.


Hiccups can also go away if they are not paid attention. So, if one is having an episode of hiccups, busying themselves in some other activity might help get rid of hiccups faster.

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Ice cubes

Ice cubes are readily available in most homes. Sucking on an ice cube can get rid of hiccups easily.

Honey, peanut butter and sugar

Eating either of these things can help you do away with hiccups. In the case of honey and peanut butter, one should allow it to dissolve on the tongue for a while before swallowing. Sucking a slice of lemon can also provide one with the same results. However, it is essential to rinse the mouth with water soon after to prevent corrosion of the teeth because of citric acid.

The next time you get hiccups, make sure to try out any of these tips.

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DISCLAIMER: It should be remembered that these ways to cure a hiccup are only applicable to the ones that last for a short time. If your episodes of hiccups do not stop within three hours, it could hint at some medical condition that can be far more serious. In such cases, one should consult the doctor immediately.

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