Weight Loss: Nutritious Salad Recipes That Will Help You Keep Fit


Here are some easy salad recipes that will help you lose weight after eating Diwali sweets. Learn how to make these salads that are filled with nutrition

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Weight loss

Diwali is over and so are the sweet treats. If you have over-indulged yourself during the festive season, this is the time to get rid of that unwanted weight. Here are some quick and easy salad recipes for weight loss.

1. Fresh Fruit Salad 

Fruit salad is one of the easiest salad recipes to prepare and nutritious when it comes to losing weight. Fruits have high water content and are fibrous. They also contain natural sugar. Also, sugar will not only fuel you with enough energy but also fulfil your sweet cravings. You can have this salad for breakfast and will help you with weight loss. 

How to prepare?

Take 1 diced apple, 1 cup diced pomegranate, 7-8 chopped strawberries and 2 cups of non-fat curd. Mix all the ingredients. You can add nuts and almonds to make this fruit salad wholesome.

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2. Watermelon Salad

Watermelon is known to help in your journey of weight loss. This fruit, packed with loads of water, aids in proper bowel moments. Indulging in this salad will refresh you and you won't get enough of it. The best part of this salad is that you can eat it as much as you want without feeling guilty. 

How to prepare?

For this yummy salad recipe, slice 1 small onion and soak it in lime juice. Cut cheese (around 200 gm) into rough chunks. Take a large bowl and mix watermelons, mint, parsley and onion with the juice. Drizzle some olive oil and sprinkle salt and pepper powder on it. Your weight loss journey will have a delicious meal that you won't get enough of.

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3. Beetroot Salad

Beetroot is the perfect winter salad. This red root is packed with health benefits. As red as the salad is, so does it helps improve blood circulation and eventually keep you fit and healthy. You can replace one meal of your day by this salad and it will help you in weight loss.

How to prepare?

Take some water in a pan and add cloves, bay leaves and anise. Let the water boil. Add couple beetroots to the boiling water and wait until they soften. Slice the beetroots. Strain the water and add honey and vinegar. Bed the beetroots with Parsley leaves. Garnish with some cheese and nuts. Drizzle the liquid prepared. Don't forget to sprinkle salt and pepper.

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