Diwali 2019: DIY Diwali Decor And Lantern Ideas Made From Paper


With the festival Diwali is just around the corner, we have been on our toes for the preparations of sweets and decorations. Here are a few ideas of DIY lantern

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diwali 2019

With the festival of Diwali just around the corner, we have been on our toes for the preparations. This festival is celebrated to mark the return of lord King Ram from his exile. This is a festival the Indians have been following for years. The festival is celebrated by preparing sweets and salty snacks made of gram flour and rice flour. Along with food items, every Indian household puts a lantern outside their homes to attract auspicious and positive vibes.

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Paper Lamps

These are one of the easiest and fastest lanterns to make. Take a ruler or a compass and draw shapes you would like on a card paper. Cut out the shapes from inside and turn it to a conical or cylindrical shape. Light a bulb inside to make it look more creative and attractive.

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If you have empty jars or glass bottles at home, you can bring out your creative side by colouring those jars in fancy colours completely or by making a traditional design on it. You can fill the bottle with fairy lights and your lantern is ready. Make two-three such lamps and place it aside on your table. This can also be a good DIY home décor.

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Traditional Lamps

For our traditional lanterns, you need to assemble wooden sticks in the shape that you want and start cutting paper according to the size of those sticks aligned. Start sticking the paper and put a bulb inside. For the tail, take chart papers and cut long and even tails. Stick a bunch of it to your lantern underneath and attach a string to hang it outside your house

Paper Flower Lanterns

Make paper roses in different colours and start sticking them together. Stick them aside together in a way so that the shape turns out to be round. Leave the top part open for the bulb to go in. Add a string and hang it outside your house!

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