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DIY Bedside Lamps To Make From Waste Materials Which Can Be Recycled

DIY bedside lamps to make from waste materials and can be recycled. Read to know about different types of lamps that can be made from various products

DIY bedside lamps

An important principle of sustainable waste management is recycling. It is extending the life of the objects that are already used by putting them to fresh use. It limits the exploitation of resources and also helps in sending less garbage. Bedside lamps are a daily-use object. With some creativity and time, it can be made from several waste materials. Read to know more.

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Bedside lamps to make from waste materials

Tin can lanterns

Perforated tin cans would make for lovely mood lighting for an indoor gathering. You can get creative with designs and make it accordingly. Use them as single pieces or string up for an outdoor party. 


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Jar table lamps

A jar table lamp is simple to make. Paste thick paper around a glass jar or bottle and cut out your desired pattern. Alternatively, paint the bottle with your selected design or wrap with fabric. Place a candle or lamp into the bottle. If you are shutting the lid, make sure to leave a vent for air access.


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Plastic bottle lights

A fun way to enhance a simple string of lights into a festive lamps is to use old plastic bottles. All you need are a few used bottles, some craft supplies and lots of creativity. You can make different styles. Make sure that the plastic material you are using is strong to not get burnt due to heat.

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Turning bottle into lamps

The glass bottle such as wine or any other can be turned into light lamps. Place them on a shelf to illuminate a corner of your room or use them as a centrepiece for a festive family meal. Different bottle shapes can be used to make different types of lamps.


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Fabric scrap lamps

The idea is to transform used plastic cups and fabric pieces into a lamp. It can be changed into tiny, colourful lampshades that can light up every room. In addition, it is easy to make and can be changed after a short period of time.


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