Here Are A Few Essential Tips To Fix Leaking Taps At Home That You Must Check Out


A leaky tap is one of the most common problems in many houses. Read ahead to learn about some quick resolves to fix leaking tips at home, all by yourself.

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tips to fix leaking taps

Leaky taps can cause some major problems at home. Fortunately, the problem is very easy to fix by identifying the type of tap and getting the required tools for the job. The problem can be solved by yourself without hiring a plumber. Follow the guidelines mentioned below to fix the problem as early as possible. Read on to know tips to fix leaking taps:

Tips to fix the leaking taps

Tip 1

Shutting off the valves is a very important step towards fixing the leaky taps. Ideally, every sink should have a pair of valves just under the sinks. Shutting off the valves ensures that faucet does not drip further during the fixing mechanism. Just remember to turn them on when you start using the tap again.

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Tip 2

There are higher chances of the handles being loosened due to the screw that fixes the valve. The reason for the tap leaking is usually if the washers are worn out and have not been maintained on a regular basis. Replacement of the worn washers and tightening the handles will likely solve the issue as it will compress the valve stems. In most cases, that is enough to reduce or stop the leaking taps, at least for a temporary basis.

Tip 3

If single-handled taps are installed in the house, then turning them all towards the hot side will help too. If the reason behind the leaky taps is a worn cap on the cold water inlet, then turning the handle to the opposite end should fix the problem. If the problem doesn't seem to fix then turn it towards the cold side.

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Tip 4

If the cause of the leaky taps is due to the lever hitting against the wall then the handle needs to be unscrewed and removed. The valve is likely to be a tube with worn seals and the wall is acting as a barrier from turning the handle. Rotate the handle a couple notches counterclockwise and reset.

Tip 5

If the top of a tub faucet is leaking, then lifting the diverter knob helps in fixing the taps. That helps to guide the flow of water away from the spot and that creates less pressure so that the water doesn't get to the showerhead but gets in through the opening only. If this is the case, follow the above guideline as it will prevent the tap from leaking.

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