How To Clean Your House With Common Ingredients And Household Items


How to clean your house with common ingredients available at your disposal, which are quite inexpensive and can be easily accessible to you. Know more.

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how to clean your house

Cleaning your house in this festive season can be a really tiring task. There are a bunch of ways to go about cleaning your house in general. Buying expensive cleaning products could leave you with a hole in your pocket. Hence using some homemade techniques can be really helpful, while delivering the same performance. Here are a few items that you can use to clean your house.

How to clean your home ingredients with common ingredients

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Baking Soda

Baking soda is one of the cheapest items and it works just fine. You can use it to clean your sink or the pipes inside. Baking soda is hard on the stains and will help you clean with ease. Baking soda or powder will be just fine for cleaning your house.

Liquid Dish Soap

Instead of using the dishwashing liquid to clean just your vessels, you can also use it to shine your titles and your windows. The liquid functions the same way as it does in the vessels and takes out unwanted dirt with perfection and ease. You may not even require to buy an expensive dishwashing liquid, something normal would also be just fine.

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Salt is actually really helpful for cleaning. Due to its rigid properties, it can help clean away the tough stains in corners and hard to reach spots in the house. Preferably coarser salt or sea salt is optimal for cleaning. Salt is quite easily found and a few pinches of salt would be more than enough for cleaning purposes.

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Different types of cola can help to add shine to your taps and other things in your house. Cola has very distinctive properties that help to drive out rusts and gives new life to metallic objects. You can use cola to clean these objects and make everything shine as good as new.

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