Home Decor: Lighting Ideas For Small Urban Homes To Make It Look Big


Lighting defines the personality of the house and the owner and it is an important part of home decor. Here are some simple home decor tips related to lighting.

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Lights are an excellent solution to make your space look bigger and better. These following solutions are minimal, yet they solve most of the space issues. Lighting defines the personality of the house and the owner.

Ambient light stands

It is important to light up the corners of an urban room which is generally small. Lampstands or tall lights or sconce lamps can be used to enhance the corners. According to interior experts, one can light up the corners using ambient sources, so the light cannot be harsh in the eye.

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Using a centrepiece

To make your main hall look bigger, use a hanging centre-piece. It is important to use pendant hanging lights or mini chandeliers. According to interior experts, a centrepiece will make the house look bigger and wider. It is suggested to paint the walls of the house in a lighter or muted tone, which will complement the lights.

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Using mirrors as bounce lights

Due to urban space constrictions, one can alternate lights with mirrors. Placing the mirrors opposite to tall lights can bounce lights which in turn will enhance the room space. Or it can be placed on the opposite side of a window, which will give illusions of space and solution of lighting.

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Using tall lights in the hallways

Tall lights can be used in the hallways to emphasize on the connecting spaces. Hallways have excellent vertical space. These spaces can be decorated with simple décor pieces and brought to life.  According to interior experts, hallways can be a way of setting a statement in urban homes.

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Mini lights for frames

Using focus lights for individual frames can be a good idea to enhance the final look of the house. Focus lights can be used to deck up corners of furniture or on doors as well. Focus lights are invasive, yet they give a backdrop to wherever the lights are placed. 

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