Home Tips: Make Your Bedroom Clutter-free With These Tips


Keeping your home neat and tidy can be quite a hectic and challenging task. Read these steps in order to keep the nesting place clean and tidy.

Written By Shrishaila Bhandary | Mumbai | Updated On:

The bedroom is the nest of the house. It is the place where you spend most of your time and need to keep a healthy state of mind.  The bedroom also reflects your personality in many ways. Most of us fail to tidy the space we are in. It is mostly because of time restraints or space problems. We list down some basic but helpful bedroom tidy up solutions that will be of help the next time you tidy up the space.

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Put the cables out of the way

A few things in the bedroom that make it look untidy are chargers, cords and charging units that lay under the work station or some odd corner. The best way to tidy them is to use an extension socket in a basket and place all cords inside the basket. This will keep them out of the way. 

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Using vertical and corner shelving

Vertical space over the headboard of the bed or an empty wall can be excellent storage solutions by adding extra shelves for books that lie on the table. The unused ones can be placed on this extra space. Another way to make the room look bigger is by using corner shelves which are not in direct eyesight.

Baskets everywhere

If there is storage space under the bed or the work station, then using baskets to store off seasonal things are suggested, like hiking shoes or heavy rugs that can be placed away from the daily hassle. You can access them only when required.

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Organised jewellery and clothes

Usie hanging spaces behind the door, on the cupboard door using aesthetic hanging hooks. The big clothes that do not fit in the cupboard and take up maximum space can be hanged in these spaces. One can style these hangers as well. 

Seasonal cleanse

Always use your cupboard to its maximum occupancy by keeping only seasonal clothes in them. For example, in summers, the winter clothes can be tucked under the bed basket. This way there is more space for storage in the cupboard and can leave the room space tidy.

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