Productivity Hacks You Must Opt For Better Results While Working From Home; Read


Productivity hacks you must opt, in order to achieve better results while working from home. Here are our top five productivity hacks. Read on.

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Work from home has its own perks and downfalls. The concept of work from home has gained popularity in recent times unlike earlier. It allows individuals to work on their regular shift timing from home. Wherein employees have to deliver the dedicated tasks like their usual working days at the office, in a specific time frame. 

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In case of any dilemma or confusion, one can interact with coworkers or boss via skype video call or other apps. Work from home lets you work at the comfort of your home. This option is availed by an employee if they are not feeling well, unfit for travelling, or have to stay at home for several other personal reasons. Your pay does not get deducted as you are working but only should apply for work from home prior, not the same day.  

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In the wake of Coronavirus, several offices have given their employees the option of work from home, so that none of the two lag behind on the work front. One major issue that companies deal with during work from home days is procrastination. Thus, let's take a look at certain productivity hacks one should keep in mind while working from home. Take a look-

Five Productivity Hacks to improve efficacy on work from home days 

1. Self Disciple 

Generally when individuals wfh, they lose on self-disciple and start focusing on other distractions. This lack of self-discipline not only causes a delay in completing professional tasks but also leads to warnings from bosses. Hence it is important to keep your self-discipline top-notch.  

2. Avoid Procrastination

Procrastination is a major drawback when it comes to working from home. Employees get too relaxed at home and do several things at a time like watching a TV show, cooking, household activities etc. Such diversion of attention leads to procrastination. Thus out of all productivity hacks, keeping a tab on the timely delivery of your assignments should be on your priority list.

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3. Dedicate a work area

It is always best to work in a closed room without any interruptions. If you have a study table and chair or a dedicated office area at home, then your problem is half solved. Sitting in a designated place like office and working can increase your work productivity to three folds. 

4. Follow a schedule

Follow a strict schedule when working from home. Do not consider wfh as a holiday. Work as you do on a regular day in office. Following a strict schedule can help in keeping a check on your self-disciple and also will improve your productivity. 

5. Prevent any distraction 

This can come across as a challenge. But one must prevent any sort of distractions at home which keeps you away from working effectively. Tell your family and friends that you will be available only post working hours, request them not to disturb you. Only entertain work calls at home.

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