Office Dating Can Be An Exhilarating Experience And Here Are The Dos & Don'ts Of It


Office dating basically means dating a coworker. However the concept can be either an enriching experience or vice versa. Check the dos & don'ts you must follow

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Office dating

The concept of office dating is not new, it has been prevalent since long. The only difference nowadays is that it is much more acceptable, prominent and popular. This is because dating a coworker is not bizarre.

If you fall in love with a coworker, with whom you spend most hours of the day, it is quite normal.  However, like every dating concept, office dating too has its share of Dos and Don'ts attached to it. One should swear by them to maintain a healthy relationship with your coworker, both personally and professionally. Take a look-

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Dos of office dating

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  1. To keep raised eyebrows at bay, you need to make sure that you do not publicize your relationship in a professional environment. Keep your relationship a secret until it becomes a necessity to share about it. Do not discuss it to avoid any unnecessary rumours.
  2. Must indulge in conversations with the coworker your dating with relevance to work at the office.
  3. Try to stay in a group, avoid meeting alone several times a day. 
  4. A highly recommended thing you need to while dating coworker is to sit together for lunch. As you two can be with each other without grabbing many eyeballs.
  5. Have each other's back. Support your partner when he/she happen to have a tough day at work. 

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Don'ts of office dating

  1. Try not to discuss your personal issues in the office. Especially the ones on which you both do not agree, as it might create a ruckus in the office.
  2. Avoid compromising on your work and make sure that you do your best.
  3. Another important office dating rule is that give your partner the space he/she requires. Do not stay near them all the time. Let them spend time with other coworkers if they wish to.
  4. It is not a compulsion to sit next to the coworker your dating. Do not indulge in any PDA at the office. As it might create some serious issues, which might hamper your professional life.
  5. This is the fundamental rule of office dating. Before entering into the dating phase with your coworker think a 1000 times and do not rush into it. As decision can affect you majorly on both personal and professional front.

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