Spacious Home: Everything You Need To Know About Spatial Psychology


Spacious home, interior designs and colour psychology are important concepts. Check everything you need to know about Spatial Psychology and why. Read more.

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spacious home

Spacious homes, if decorated properly, can look mesmerising. With big houses, one has a lot of scope for experimenting with quite a few factors relating to interiors designing, colour psychology and spatial psychology.

What is Spatial Psychology?

The word spatial psychology comes from spatial intelligence, which was discovered by researcher Howard Gardner. Spatial, as the word suggests, means occupying space, whereas spatial psychology means how one can process and register information which is visually present in more than one dimension.

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Importance of Spatial Psychology while setting furniture at home

One shops for furniture only concerning the space available at his home. As space is a significant factor when it comes to home décor and interior designing. Ever walked in a compact room with black walls and a dozen of chairs? The room will look scary and nothing short of a haunted place. Space massively influences one’s psychology. Hence is it important to give a deep thought before investing in any furniture concerning space psychology.

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Things to remember before setting up furniture for your room

1. Consult an interior designer:

Interior designers are experts when it comes to spatial psychology. This is because they have studied the subject deeply and know which furniture to place where. Thus, consulting them before setting up your interiors and furniture is a viable option.

2. Use Vastu Shastra or Feng Shui:

Both Vastu-Shastra and Feng-Shui are traditional concepts, which helps in positioning furniture at appropriate positions. Both are related to the concept of the flow of positive energy, leading to a problem-free life.

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3. Colour Psychology

Colour psychology is related to the study of colours, where one feels and reacts differently to different colours. Colours can have a huge impact on your emotions and mood as well. They can influence one's behaviour to a great extent. For example, white is a neutral colour. It helps one to calm down and create a very peaceful and soothing environment around. It is a very welcoming colour. On the other hand, the colour red is a warm colour which can make your spacious room appear smaller and more compact. 

4. Balanced designs:

Another factor which affects spatial psychology is principles of designs. This means proper symmetry, balance and arrangement of furniture. This factor has the capacity to influences one’s mood in a major way. It also ensures peace and calmness in one’s home and life with suitable furniture according to space.

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