Psychology Behind Love And Romance: Get All Your Answers Here


Love is magical and beautiful. Everyone wants to fall in love someday and feel the love. But what is the psychology behind love and romance? read here.

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Relationships bring meaning and purpose to our lives. They encourage and motivate people to fall for the person. Relationships also soothe people’s loneliness and fears.  There are no reasons to not fall in love or for not being loved. It can happen anytime, anywhere, with anyone and nobody can stop that. Love is one of life's most amazing and magical experiences, and at some point in our life, we all fall in love completely.

The psychology behind love and romance

The shock, the anticipation, and the happiness that we experience when we are in love is a feeling that is both beautiful and incomprehensible. Some people also undergo gobs of physical and emotional shifts, dreaming of someone other than you that clearly shows that love is the harbinger of selflessness. It's also not unusual to become a bit obsessive; but, the fundamental question remains the same- what is love?

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No one exactly knows the answer to why they feel a certain way about someone. No one can rightly define why they are in love with someone. Some may fall in love because they find someone caring, loving, supportive while others may fall in love because they find another person of their kind. However, most people don’t need a reason to fall in love. Behind it is a theory, a philosophy and the wires of your mind.

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Some people believe that there is a soul connection when one falls in love. According to the Speaking tree, one research has shown that the functioning of people’s brain that develops love emotions has shown that there are three phases involved in lovemaking, namely- lust, love, and attachment.

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Sometimes, relationships can go off track; leading the love to go through a bad phase, where you or other person is not happy. But if you are attached to a person completely with no limits, and the relationship becomes toxic, it's as hard to end the relationship as it was easy to fall in love.

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