Relationship Tips: 3 Ways To Understand If Your Crush Likes You Back


Relationship Tips for finding out if your crush likes you back or not. Finding out that your crush likes you back is a very jolly feeling. Read more to find out

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Relationship tips

In this world of technology, it is not so hard to understand if someone likes you back or not. But it is not that easy either to solve the puzzle between friendly behaviour and liking. Well, many people try to hide their feelings, and some choose to confront their emotions directly. However, the risk of losing the friendship remains. One can avoid such risks by analysing the little things their crushes do around them, which may reveal a lot of truth. So, here are some important things to notice to understand if your crush likes you back or not.


As mentioned before, after the digitalisation of the world, communication has become simpler. It is easy to find out if your crush likes you back or not from the way they text you. Now, many factors come into play with this. If your crush likes you, they will keep texting you throughout the day. They will maintain the conversation and try to bring new ones not to let the chat end. They will send you gifs, pictures and other stuff to keep you engaged. They will share each and every detail of the day to you.

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Every relationship is based on comfort. Sometimes comfort is built, and sometimes people just feel connected to each other. One can find out how comfortable their crushes are around you, they can see certain body languages such as they will slightly touch you when they are talking, they will look at you when they laugh, or they will share their personal life with you. This shows they feel comfortable, physically and emotionally.

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Things they say

When someone develops feelings for someone, they start to see them everywhere because everything starts reminding them of the person they like. If your crush starts sending you memes or starts mentioning about things that remind them of you very often, then there is a high chance they think a lot about you.

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Notice these three very important things in your crush's behaviour to get insight into their feelings. If you find these things happening between you and your crush, it is probably because they like you back. But, if you do not find these things happening, it is fine. Things might just need more time, or if not, then there is always someone better waiting for you. 

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