VIRAL VIDEO: Here's What This Adorable Baby Elephant Did When His Caretaker Refused To Play

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In an adorable video going viral, a young man is seen painting a bamboo fence, when an elephant calf tries to nudge him using its trunk. The animal keeps nudging the young man, and after repetitive attempts when he doesn’t leave his job at hand to have some fun, the elephant is seen climbing up its enclosure to pursue him to play.

According to local media, 'Thailand' the cute animal and the caretaker are friends and the one-year-old calf resides at the Mae-Sa Elephant Camp in Chiang Mai in the camp’s nursery. The adorable video posted initially on Facebook and melted millions of hearts online and is widely being shared across social media platforms.

Watch the full video here: 

Earlier, an adorable moment in which a baby elephant was seen making an ardent attempt to wake up his sleepy brother melted many hearts. The cute scenes took place in Kruger National Park in South Africa and was captured by a tourist on safari. 

In the past, scientists found that African elephants have four distinct personality traits, including playfulness which is clear to see here. To see elephants lie down flat on their sides is a rare sight and mostly it will be the youngsters that do enjoy a rest on their sides. 

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The baby elephant, who wanted to play, was not going to let his bigger brother enjoy his morning nap in the sun. The little elephant proceeds to climb on top of his brother with his front legs. 

The sleepy brother still does not get up and his little brother starts pushing and shoving him more intensely, adamant that he should play with him. Suddenly the sleepy brother decides that this is enough and quickly jumps up, looking confused with the situation.  

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