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Exclusive/ Republic India Women's Summit: Dr Ira Trivedi Reveals Why She Backed Out From Miss India Pageant

During the Republic Media Network's India Women's Summit, Dr Ira Trivedi opened up on why she backed out from the coveted Miss India pageant.

Dr Ira Trivedi | Image:Instagram/iratrivedi

The Republic Media Network recently organised the India Women’s Summit and witnessed several voices across the industry coming together to address issues and concerns around women's empowerment. In one of the segments of the summit titled ‘Selfies to self-care’, author and yoga enthusiast Dr Ira Trivedi poured her heart out on several subjects.

Republic asked Ira about her thoughts on people subjecting themselves to the number of likes and views.


‘It's a very slippery slope that we're on. From looking into our mirrors to see how we are looking today, into your image deciding how you feel today.”

Ira reveals why she backed out from the Miss India pageant

She expressed, “I remember 20 years ago when I was a participant in the Miss India pageant. I was even from a very good college and had gotten a very good scholarship to study in a college abroad. Then I came to do this beauty pageant on a whim. The reason I walked out of this pageant was because even at that age the thought of being judged for the way that I looked. was something I couldn't handle.’


“I just couldn't, that wasn't something that sat right. And I actually ended up writing a book about that pageant, which became a bestseller and kickstarted my career as a writer. And which then further went on to a deeper consciousness about wellness and teaching yoga and that becoming something that I wanted to give to this world", Ira told us.

The state of mind is most important: Ira Trivedi

She shared with us, “As you age, you realise even more how fleeting the way that you look is and how it really doesn't matter. But what's more important is a state of your own mind. And that's what my yoga journey led me to, that it's not the state of my face, it's not the state of my career but what keeps me happy is the state of my mind. And if the state of your mind is correct, then no matter what happens to you in life, your life will always remain balanced.”


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