15 Best Places To Visit Near Bangalore For One Day Trip


Check out the best one day picnic spots near Bangalore. Republic World brings to you a list of places that you must visit for a one day outing in Bangalore.

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Famously known as the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore is a city which works 24/7. Hectic schedules, monotony, deadlines & assignments culminates in a rigorous work schedule. A vicious circle from which we need a break to unwind and rejuvenate. Instead of planning a trip to a faraway destination, let’s explore some breathtaking places right in Bengaluru’s backyard!

There are a lot of places to visit near Bengaluru for one day. Whether it’s a road trip, a hike or a visit to a temple, Bengaluru has something for every kind of traveler. Dying to take a break?

Check out these 15 one day picnic spots near Bengaluru:

1. Nandi Hills (62 km)

If you are someone who loves to reminisce while watching a sunrise or a sunset, then Nandi Hills is just the place for you. The view from the top is mesmerizing. You can go on a long drive with your loved one over the weekend. Hike up the hills, go cycling or do paragliding. Nandi hills is a perfect mixture of peaceful weather, calming views, and exciting activities. You can visit spots like the Tipu’s Top which gives a glorious view of the town, Tipu Sultan’s summer residence, Bhoga Nadeeshwara Temple etc. Nandi Hills is one of the most sought-after place to visit near Bengaluru for one day.

2. Dodda Alada Mara (33 km)

Translated literally as the Big Banyan Tree, Dodda Alada Mara gives you the feeling of being away in the heart of wilderness. The Banyan tree is more than 400 years old and is spread across an area of 3 acres. It is located in a quaint village named Kethohalli. It is the 2nd largest tree in India and the largest in Karnataka. The tree has thousands of aerial roots. The area around the tree is well maintained with pathways and cement seats. It is a peaceful place to spend an afternoon under the welcoming shade of the tree.  The nearby attractions are the Manchinabele dam and Mukti Naga Temple. Mukti Naaga Temple is the world’s largest monolithic statue. It is the statue of a Naaga which is about 16 feet tall and weighs 36 tons.

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3. Ramanagaram (50 km)

Ramnagaram is the place to be if you are looking for a fun-filled one-day outing in Bengaluru. Rocks, boulders, caves, all of these make for an adventure filled outing. You can go on treks, explore caves or just sit on one of the rocks and visualize yourself as Gabbar from Sholay. Why Gabbar? Ramnagaram is the place where the rocky scenes from the classic film Sholay were shot. You might as well catch hold of your friend and ask, ‘Kitney aadmi the?’

4. Hogenakkal (126 km)

The mighty Cauvery River splits into streams and cascades into waterfalls at Hogenakkal. The Hogenakkal waterfall is popular as the ‘Niagara of the East’. Nestled in the village of Hogenakkal in Tamil Nadu, the waterfalls offer you some majestic views. Just like Ramnagaram, Hogenakkal is also a famous spot for film shoots. Movies like Raavan and Roja were shot here. You can take a topsy-turvy coracle ride and experience the river currents. A Coracle ride is super fun than an ordinary boat ride.

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5. Shivagange (52 km)

Shivagange is a famous picnic spot near Bengaluru. It is a hill in the shape of Shiv Linga. It is also known by the name, Dakshin Kashi. Shivagange is the perfect place to go on a good trek. The view from the top is amazing and you will also spot the statue of the Nandi bull. There are many temples surrounding the place. Hence you will find a stream of devotes flocking for paying reverence to the Gods. 

6. Nrityagram (38 km)

Nrityagram is one of a kind village in Karnataka. It is a form of a modern Gurukul in India. As the name suggests, Nrityagram is a learning place of Indian classical dances. It is also an international community. The dance village was founded by Protima Gauri in 1990. The village is surrounded by Byalkere Peacock Sanctuary and Hesaraghatta Lake. The village is a respite from the chaos of city life and an entry into the cultural spectrum of India. Indian classical dancers practicing their dance on the green grass, surrounded by trees is a sight to behold.

7. Chikballapura (58 km)

Chikballapura is popular for its silk and incense industry. You can go on a tour exploring these industries. The place is also surrounded by 5 hills and also has a lot of temples. The Skandagiri hills you have an enchanting view which is above the clouds. Don’t believe it? Visit the place, see for yourself and fall in love with Southern India’s natural beauty. Kaurava Kunda peaks are best-known peaks for bird watching. If you are a nature lover then Chikballapura should be on the top of your weekend getaway list. 

8. Shivanasamudra (135 km)

The village of Shivanasamudra is frequented by people to get a glimpse of the Shivanasamudra Falls. The scenic beauty which surrounds the waterfall is otherworldly. The route to reach Shivanasamudra is ideal for a road trip. You can spend a peaceful weekend in the midst of forest trails and lush greenery. The photographer in you is going to absolutely love this place. 

9. Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta (70 km)

Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta is famous for night treks. If you are someone who loves being in the outdoors at night, under the moonlit sky, then Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta is where you should head to over the weekend. This hill near the Kanakapura town sees a lot of trekkers. Atop the peak is a huge granite rock. There is a temple situated underneath the rock. Yes. Underneath! It is an interesting place to look at and the temple priest is the only person permanently residing near the rock.

10. Devarayanadurga (71 km)

4000 ft above the sea level is Devarayanadurga. Known as the ‘Fort of the God’, it is a protected area. The government declared it as a forest reserve; now flora and fauna are found in abundance. The temple gives you a picturesque view of the surroundings. It is believed that it is 2000 years old. If you wish to go to a little offbeat one-day outing in Bengaluru, then this is where you should head to. 

11. Horsely hills (157 km)

The route leading to this series of hills is just the recipe you need to spice up your road trip. Isn’t it every road tripper’s dream to drive through a lush canopy of trees? This is what the route to Horsley Hills looks like. When drive through you come across a view of beautiful hills which are covered with clouds. It looks like a volcano is just about to erupt. Now who would think of missing such a view? A feast for the eyes? Just ramp up your car and set out.

12. Manchinbele (50 km)

If you love water sports then you should definitely visit Manchinbele. It is a dam designed by M. Vishveshwarya. The dam is surrounded by the scenic hills of Savandurga. It is a prime spot for bird watching and an ideal picnic spot near Bengaluru. You can indulge in water sports like Kayaking, rappelling and raft building. 

13. Hassan (182 km)

Hassan is a destination which a must see for a history buff. The place is known as the temple architecture capital of Karnataka. Hassan derives its name from the goddess Hassanamba. A unique place to visit here is the Shettyhalli Church. This church is submerged during the monsoons. Once the monsoons are over the church resurfaces again and stands tall. Isn’t this the right time to catch a view of it then?

14. Muthyala Madavu (40 km)

Muthyala Madavu is a tranquil spot, situated behind the Bannerghatta National Park. The name Muthyala Madavu literally means the ‘Valley of Pearls’. The waterfalls in Muthyala Madavu look like pearls on a string when the fall down on the rocks. All you need is a person to share this beautiful spot with and create a memory of a lifetime. 

15. Sangama & Mekedatu (93 km)

This is the most frequented one-day picnic spot near Bengaluru and rightly so. Mekedatu means a goat’s leap in Kannada. Sangam is where Arakavathi River meets Kaveri. Mekedatu is where Kaveri flows down into a deep gorge. The river falls so ferociously that it has cut the rocks into some interesting shapes. It is advised to be safe and cautious when visiting the rocks.

Bengaluru is surrounded by nature’s bounty. What can be more satisfying than leaving behind one’s worries to curl back in the lap of Nature? As John Muir once said, “Everybody needs beauty...places to play in and pray in where nature may heal and cheer and give strength to the body and soul alike.”  

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