Coronavirus Crisis: 5 Safe Travel Tips To Prevent Viral Transmission


Coronavirus has been spreading in various countries. Here are some basic protective measures against the coronavirus crisis while travelling. Read on.

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coronavirus crisis

Coronavirus crisis or COVID-19 has caused a lot of problems for people. The outbreak has changed air travel completely and during travel, you need to make sure of some things that can prevent viral transmission or coronavirus crisis. Take a look at five travel tips to prevent viral transmission.

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5 safe travel tips to prevent viral transmission

Being aware of the situation 

Before you travel from one country to another, be aware of the situation of coronavirus in that particular country. Countries like China and Iran have been put on high alert due to coronavirus crisis. Avoid public transportation and crowded places. 

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Good hygiene 

Maintaining good hygiene is very important. As per WHO, you need to at least take 40 to 60 seconds to wash your hands. Keeping a sanitiser while you travel is also important. Before eating and after coughing and sneezing, you need to make sure that your hands are clean. This is one of the ways to prevent coronavirus crisis. 


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Avoid wearing mask unless you are ill

After the news of the coronavirus crisis, a lot of people have been wearing a mask. As per reports, it is not recommended to wear a mask until unless you are sick or you have a weak immune system. As per WHO, healthy people do not need to wear a mask. This is one of the safe travel tips that some people might not be aware of.

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Cleanliness of the aircraft

Before you settle in your seat, make sure that the place is clean. In case the place is not clean, make sure that you inform the concerned team to help you with it. Ensure the flight crew maintain continuous operation of the aircraft’s air recirculation system. 

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Cashless payment method

When you are about to pay to purchase something, make sure you pay online rather than giving cash. As per reports, the virus can also spread through currency notes. It is one of the safe travel tips that people need to adopt.


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