Four Off-the-beaten-track Island Destinations For Memorable Vacay


Need a break from the hectic world? Looking for an adventurous one? Check out these lesser-known island destinations for some awesome experiences.

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Nature never disappoints travel enthusiasts who do not mind walking that extra mile to satiate their thirst for exploration. The tropical beauty of islands enchants tourists the most with their mystique appearance. Off-beat islands are perhaps the best places to experience a holiday differently. Islands charm people with their mysterious aura. While some have been explored, some still remain a secret for many. Here are some of the offbeat islands around the world.

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Four most unfamiliar islands in the world

  1. The Island of the Dolls: Perhaps one of the popular islands is the Island of the Dolls located in Mexico. Owing to its local legends, the island has successfully drawn the attention of people from all over the world. The island has hundreds of eerie-looking dolls and parts of them strung up in trees. As the story goes, the man living on the island was unable to save a drowning woman. However, he continued to hear her screams even after her death. He then started hanging dolls to ward off the spirit. This island is quite a catch for the brave hearts.
  2. Floating islands of Lake Titicaca: Situated in Peru, the floating islands are Lake Titicaca's top attraction and a must-visit destination for tourists. Unlike other islands, this one is a man-made island made of Totora reeds, mats, and ropes. The local tribes use these artificial islands to settle territory related disputes with other tribes.
  3. Rapa Nui Island: The Rapa Nui Island near Chile is said to have at least 887 strange statues that have the height of a three-storey building. Also known as Easter Island, it is a great tourist attraction owing to these Moia statues. Carved from big rocks, these statues never fail to awe tourists and leave them bewildered about the technique used by ancient Polynesian people to build them using primitive tools.
  4. Socotra Island: Socotra Island of Yemen exhibits natural beauty at its best. The island allures tourists with its exotic species of birds, a variety of flora and fauna, and geographical variations. 

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For the thrill-seekers, these islands hold many secrets. Only those who have the zeal to seek can unravel these wonders. Explore the exotic culture and witness the mystique.  

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