Kochi: Here Are Popular And Beautiful Cafes To Visit When In City


Kochi is among the top cities of India and is frequently visited by travellers and tourists alike, here are few cafe spots in the city where one can relax.

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Kochi is frequented by tourists and for its fresh vibe, scenic locations and quaint cafés serving delicious food. It has also become a hotspot for international tourists, who flock to various cafés and restaurants in the city. Here is a list of some of the best cafés you would like to visit in Kochi.

Famous cafes to visit in Kochi

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Pepper House Café

The beautiful garden offers a beautiful ambience at this outdoor café. You can also indulge in a little shopping at a library inside this place itself. This place is extremely famous for hosting art and other exhibitions. The food here is authentic and tasty and you could actually end up spending an entire evening at this place.

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Qissa Café

This place is famous for its baked goods, like cakes and pies. The café is famous among youngsters who have made this café their permanent hangout spot. The contemporary interiors accompanied with a glass panel is just stunning. Due to the stunning glass interior, the guests can watch the busy street outside as they sip on their cup of coffee.

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Mocha Art Café

Mocha Art Café is one of the most famous cafes in Kochi currently. The stunning interior sets a different kind of vibe and the ambience of the place is just calming. The place looks like an art gallery, and they do have artworks for sale. The space inside is quite spacious and it also has an outdoor seating area. The lights of this place are an added highlight to its beautiful ambience.

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Kashi Art Café

This is café is extremely famous among the actors of the Malayalam film industry. Many actors and directors visit this café and indulge in its wide range of delicacies. Besides that, the café is renowned for its art installations and exhibitions within the café.

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