New Zealand: Things To Do And Places You Must Visit When You Visit


New Zealand is filled with adventure activities and it is thus recommended to travel to this country at least once in a lifetime. Read to know more about NZ

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New Zealand is a country filled with nature and marine reserves, which is why it is worth every penny that you spend on this trip. This country is filled with adventure activities and it is thus recommended to travel to this country at least once in a lifetime. We’ve picked the best things to do in New Zealand which you would not regret going to.

Things to do in New Zealand

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Climb a volcanic mountain

New Zealand has a lot of volcanic mountains and Rangitoto is the country’s youngest island that erupted from the sea almost 600 years ago. It is famous for its native birdlife. A ferry can take you to this beautiful island from where you can trek up to the mountain. The top of the mountain will give you a full view of Auckland and other islands.

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Visit the hot water beach

Make sure you carry your own spade when you visit this beach. This beach is located in Coromandel which is just a few meters away from Cathedral Cove. You can visit this place any time of the day but, it is recommended you visit this place 2 hours before and after the high tide and dig your own little pool for a natural spa as you enjoy the scenic beauty around you.

Explore the Maori culture

To know more about the New Zealand culture spend a night in a marae (a complex belonging to the tribe). You can also witness the power of a haka, eat a hangi and visit an ancient Maori village. You can discover their way of living and also learn their language and heritage.

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Spot Kiwi bird in the wild

Spotting the kiwi bird in a sanctuary or a zoo is pretty easy but, spotting one in the wild is quite difficult.  While their species have rapidly reduced due to modern time species like dogs, conservatives have still managed to take some careful efforts in places where they can be easily spotted.


The sky right above the southern town of Tekapo is one of the best places for some serious star gazing. This place is also one of the best places in the world for stargazing. You can also learn photography and learn how to use a telescope from the local guide there.

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