Weekend Getaways: Essentials To Pack In Your Bag For A Quick Outing


Things to pack in your bag for quick weekend getaways. Check out these backpacking hacks to help you plan your weekend outings efficiently. Read details.

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weekend getaways

The aim is to pack light and efficient for any weekend outing. Because a heavy backpack is the last thing you should be worrying about when you just have two-three days in hand. The type of luggage to carry obviously depends on where you are going ( e.x: a trekking site, a resort, a beach, a temple visit, nearby city visits, road trips etc.). It also depends on the weather of your destination. Here are some things to think about while you are packing for your next weekend trip.

Weekend getaways basics

Remember to pack your passport, boarding pass, credit cards, debit card, some in-hand cash, medications. Choose which bag to pack your stuff in. And the most important part is not to forget any of the chargers (ex: a phone charger, laptop chargers, power bank charger and any charger that you would need). Have a checklist that you can come back to at the last minute before leaving. 

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Weekend getaways storage 

A reusable plastic bag is a must when it comes to storage while on a vacation. You can keep anything and everything organised using ziplock or reusable plastic bags. Section your toiletries, medications, accessories, dirty clothes, chargers or jewellery.

Weekend getaways clothing & Accessories 

Clothing - Plan your outfits before the vacation. Avoid taking a bunch of clothes and then planning when you are actually out as it wastes too much time. The clothing choice depends upon your personal style, whether it is a casual outing or an outing to a fashionable destination.

Accessories - You can choose the best way to dress up in your weekend outing by packing all neutral clothes and then scaling it up by funky accessories.

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Weekend getaways tips and hacks 

  • Always wear your heaviest items, like winter coats and big boots while on the plane if you are landing at a winter destination.
  • Keep it light. Leave your books behind on short getaways. 
  • Research for your weekend getaways beforehand so that you don't waste time exploring later.
  • Take socks to save yourself during freezing flights or whenever you feel cold and do not have any warm clothes. Keeping the feet warm actually helps. 
  • Take noise-cancelling headphones if you suffer from ear pain usually during flight.
  • One hack for packing the hot hair tools when you are in a hurry is to use an oven mitt so that you don't have to wait for it to cool down. 
  • Cover your shoes with a shower cap while packing them in your luggage. 
  • Keep all of your chords at one place to avoid last-minute chaos. 

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