Best Weekend Getaway Places Around Kolkata That You Cannot Miss


These weekend getaways from Kolkata can literally brighten up your weekend. Know more about the best locations around Kolkata for planning your weekend

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weekend getaways from kolkata

Kolkata- The City of Joy is blessed with amazing food and great culture. The city is also blessed with some amazing locations around it, that can make for an amazing weekend getaway. There are certain locations that are really pocket-friendly and easy to travel. In the season of Durga Puja, if you wish to stay away from the city in order to enjoy some peace mind, these locations will definitely fulfil your demand.

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Best Getaway Places around Kolkata


It is the perfect place to get rid of Kolkata’s excessive commercialisation. Bakkhali is a peaceful sea beach just 132 Kilometers far from Kolkata. Apart from seabeaches, you can also enjoy the thick forests with comparatively less crowd around. The best places to visit in Bakkhali are Frasergunj and Crocodile Propagation Center, you can also visit various beaches close by Bakkhali and enjoy the seafood.

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If you are looking for a religious and peaceful trip around Kolkata, Mayapur is the best place to visit. It is a part of the nine islands of Nabadwip and is highly recommended for its scenic beauty. Mayapur personifies peace with Hooghly river on one side and Jalangi on the other side. Mayapur is just 130 Kilometers away from Kolkata with ISKCON temple as its main attraction. The best places to visit in Mayapur are ISKCON temple, Ballal Mound and tomb of Chand Kazi.


The name of the place itself personifies peace. Shantiniketan means the home of peace and the place is highly renowned for its cultural values and peaceful atmosphere. The town of Shantiniketan was set up in 1862 and has always been the hub of education with great universities, such as the Biswa Bharati. Shantiniketan is also highly renowned for its connection with the  Rabindranath Tagore. Shantiniketan is 160 kilometres far from Kolkata. Tagore museum and art galleries are the best locations to explore.

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Junput is blessed with calm waters of Bay of Bengal on one side, and thick casuarina forests on the other. Junput has peace and solitude that will definitely take away the stress from your urban life of Kolkata. It is 145 Kilometres away from Kolkata with great forestation and peace all around. You can explore the variant fish species, visit the temples and lighthouse in Junput.

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