This Company Takes Its Entire Staff On International Retreat For A MONTH Every Year

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  • This US based startup takes its entire staff to international retreats for a month annually to allow them to bond together which helps in the growth of the company

Johnny Warström and his seven colleagues decamped from Stockholm to San Francisco to participate in a startup accelerator in 2016 to present their product, an interactive tool called Mentimeter.  However, according to Warström beliefs, those four months of living, eating, and playing together in California for the program changed the fate of their young company.

“The trip glued us together in a way we had never experienced before,” he said, as per reports. 

Therefore, they decided to repeat the idea of 'the trip' every year. So, Mentimeter, which is now a company with roughly 40 employees, takes its entire staff as a team to international trips every year.

As per reports, the destination in 2017 was Barcelona; 2018 was Lisbon, and in 2019, it is set for Palermo, Italy.

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In the light of the trips, Warström ties the retreats directly to business results.

According to him, such international retreats gives different opportunities to the employees to connect and bond with each other. They brainstorm with colleagues from different departments which then proves to an antidote to employee turnover.

'Only one Mentimeter employee has left the company in the past three years." 

In the process of growth the startup, Mentimeter also had to adjust to the needs of the employees, so that employees with families or pets, for example, can fly home for the weekends as well. But the benefit of giving employees a respite from the daily office grind is undeniable.

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