Travel Blogging: Tips To Start Blogging If You Are A Travel Often


Blogging can generate money and can also help you in following your passion. If you are a traveller, here are the beginners guide to travel blogging. Read on

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Blogging means writing down an experience or a review. With so many social media platform available to start blogging it is essential to select the subject on which you wish to write. If you are someone who travels a lot and also enjoys it, you can start writing about your experience which will help others visiting that place. So now, if you have been travelling a lot and wish to write down about your experiences and generate income, here is your guide to start travel blogging.

Beginners guide to travel blogging

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Find your passion

Blogging does not only have to be about travel. You have the freedom to pen down about books, food and movies. It is necessary to find where your passion lies, in order to become a professional blogger.

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Pick a name

For your website, pick a name which is catchy and also which may interest people to the crowd on your website. You can start your own website by picking any domain available on Google. Set it up and get started.


If you want to engage the audience to keep your website crowded, keep writing regularly. You can bifurcate your experiences of one trip and write different articles on the same. Check your grammar while writing and also keep your language simple for others to understand.

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The most important thing while writing a blog, apart from your language is the content. For you, content should be the king. With a lot of competitors in this field, you need to ensure how your content should differ from others.

Pick the right platform

Picking up the right place to showcase your talent is also another thing you should focus on. You need to learn which social media platform is the most crowded and then start with your blogs. You can start with Facebook and Instagram and see which platform gathers the maximum crowd and then focus on being regular to one of these.

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