Travel Hacks: A Guide To Travelling Cheap And Easy Worldwide


The ultimate travel guide which is all about making your travel economic. Use these travel hacks to enjoy travelling. cheap. Read more to know these best tips

Written By Hrishikesh Gawade | Mumbai | Updated On:
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All of us want to be Ranbir Kapoor from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani and roam around the world carefreebut life and budget both get in the way. We all struggle from time to time to come up with sufficient funds for travel. However, there is no need to worry as there are several travel hacks readily available at your disposal for affordable travel. Here is the ultimate guide to travel economically that all the travellers out there need to know. 

 The ultimate guide's six hacks for travelling 

1.      Stay in bunkers or monastery

Living in hotels can be expensive. Instead of staying in a hotel stay in bunkers, youth hostels or monasteries. Or better, befriend the locals and crash on their couches! (Stay safe, of course!) Locals are the best source of knowledge when you travel to an unknown location. They can help you find better and much more economical places to stay and dine. Make friends abroad and you can stay with them when you visit their hometowns. Ask them to visit your place too sometimes.

2.      Go backpacking

Backpacking is a form of low-cost travelling. Join a hippie community which will help you gain more experience of travelling. Once you get accustomed to this ritual you can easily do solo travel across cities or even continents. Carry your backpack and some essential utilities and set out on the journey to an amazing place.

3.      Pre-flight bookings

Booking flight tickets months before travelling is the best way to save some money. It helps you get discounted rates up to 50%. The saved money can be used elsewhere in your travel expeditions. Booking on point is convenient but not economical.

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4.      Travel in groups

Travelling in large groups will be very economical. It gives the advantage of economy of scales. Be the leader and take your own group for an outing and you will save a fortune. This will help you get big discounts on accommodation and expenses will be reduced. People frequently travel in groups to get this benefit. Try it out sometimes and you will be surprised as it will not only help you to save a few bucks but can also make you travel for free.

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5.      Avoid overpriced hotspots

This is a life hack. The rule of ‘More the demand more the supply’ is not applicable to travel. When it comes to travel, if demand is high the cost is higher. Overpriced hotspot locations are always the major tourist attraction. Tourists rush to such places and are charged highly. To avoid this, try avoiding hotspots and visit calm places away from all the buzz. Not only would it be more economical, but it will also be more rewarding.

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6.      Go offseason

During the season, places are brimming with people, and the rates of accommodation reach the skies. To travel cheap, try avoiding travelling during tourist seasons. Instead, go off seasons and enjoy the serenity of the place undisturbed. Many experienced travellers use this hack to save money and enjoy their experience.

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