Hate Posters, Promoting Hate By Twitter Is Not Acceptable

Written By Mohandas Pai | Mumbai | Published:

The offensive photo of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey holding the poster saying 'Smash Brahminical Patriarchy' is an affront to the people of India. A community has been picked up for hatemongering, for pushing hateful thoughts, institutionalising hatred on a public platform and for getting duly endorsed by the CEO of that public platform.

It's unpardonable and all people in the room are guilty of hatemongering. It appears that the staff of Twitter India never applied their minds and have a juvenile approach to a public platform -- as evidenced by the subsequent juvenile tweets offering justification -- which is unfounded and which further complicates matters and shows that CEO Jack was misled by his own people.

We call upon CEO Jack to take action against the staff responsible for the tweet and issue an unqualified apology to the public.

We also call upon the government of India, especially the Information and Broadcasting Minister Col Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore to take action against Twitter for peddling hate against a community, using violent language and attempting to incite communal hatred.

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The poster is an indication of the communal hatred of the people who made it and by holding it, the CEO of Twitter is seen to have endorsed it, which is unfortunate.

This is a very serious matter and in case Twitter doesn't take action against the staff and issues an unqualified apology, the government must take Twitter to court and take criminal action.

All of us respect Twitter for democratising media, for giving voice to millions of people who didn't have a voice and for the first time in human history, creating a global network where people can express themselves. But free expression doesn't mean promoting hatemongering by Twitter or the CEO of Twitter being party to such selective hatemongering.

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