Twitter, CP Joshi And The Constant Attacks Are All Part Of A Larger Conspiracy

Written By Shubhrastha (Guest writer) | Mumbai | Published:

I think this is the true colour of the Congress party. Every time there are state elections, the Congress resorts to some sort of divisiveness. Before the Bihar and Uttar Pradesh elections it was Akhlaq and Hindus-versus-Muslims, before Gujarat they tried Dalits versus non-Dalits, before Karnataka elections it was Lingayats versus Non-Lingayats, and now with elections in Madhya Pradesh and the central part of India, they're up to Brahmins versus non-Brahmins.

It's part of a larger conspiracy, and we can't exclude the recent Twitter controversy from this either. It's all linked -- the CP Joshi comment -- the attacks on Shivraj Singh Chouhan and Uma Bharti, CMs who have been prominent OBC leaders -- all of this is meant to create a divide in the Hindu community.

Rahul Gandhi cannot dismiss this with just a tweet. It's dangerous. He should come out and take action on his leader. And as for Raj Babbar, one feels he should be booked or have a defamation suit filed against him. Political parties need to up the ante in dealing with this kind of nonsense. The Prime Minister occupies the most powerful constitutional post. Should the Opposition be dragging his mother and wife into their controversies?

The Congress can't wash its hands off this with an apology. It has to provide exemplary punishment and make sure its leaders don't speak this way.