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Mamata Renounces Relation With Brother Babun After He Expressed Displeasure Over Ticket Distribution

My family and I renounce all relationships with Babun Banerjee, said Mamata Banerjee

Reported by: Apoorva Shukla
Mamata Banerjee | Image:Facebook

Cracks in TMC: Ahead of the crucial Lok Sabha Polls, cracks seem to be emerging in Trinamool Congress as the West Bengal Chief Minister and Trinamool supremo announced that she is cutting all ties with her brother Babun Banerjee. Babun had opposed party's decision to re-nominate Prasun banerjee from the Howrah Lok Sabha seat of West Bengal in the upcoming assembly elections. 

“My family and I renounce all relationships with Babun Banerjee,” said Mamata Banerjee while speaking to reporters in Jalpaiguri. Mamata Banerjee's remarks come after Babun Banerjee expressed displeasure over candidate list.


Mamata slammed her brother, accusing him of insulting her. She said that before every election, Babun Banerjee creates some problem for the TMC. Calling Babub Banerjee greedy, Mamata said that she has decided that she will cut off all ties with him.  “Before every election, he creates a problem. I don't like greedy people. I don't believe in dynasty politics that I will give him ticket in elections. I have decided to disown him and cut off all relationship with him,” said Mamata Banerjee

Babun Banerjee Opposes TMC Decision 

Mamata Banerjee's younger siblings of Babun Banerjee, said he is a registered voter of Howrah as he raised objection over TMC's decision to field Prasun from Howrah seat. “I can never forget the insult that Prasun hurled at me,” said Babun. 

A former footballer, Prasun Banerjee, is two-time Lok Sabha MP of the TMC from the Howrah seat and has been fielded again for the upcoming assembly election. "I know Didi (Mamata Banerjee) would not agree with me. But if needed, I will contest as independent from Howrah Lok Sabha seat," he said.


"I am not happy with the selection of the candidate from Howrah Lok Sabha seat. Prasun Banerjee is not the right choice. There were many capable candidates who were overlooked," said Babun Banerjee. 


Babun Banerjee on Joining BJP 

On the question of joining BJP, Babun Banerjee said that he is currently thinking of contesting the upcoming Lok Sabha elections as an independent candidate. 

“As long Mamatadi is there, I would never quit the party and neither would I join any other political party. Yes as I am connected to sports, I know many BJP leaders, who too are connected with sports,” said Banerjee denying the speculations of him crossing over to BJP. 


Asked about media reports that he might join the BJP, the West Bengal CM said, "He can do whatever he wants to. The party stands by its official candidate Prasun Banerjee."







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