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Two Estranged Trinamool Congress MPs Welcome Governor’s Decision on Sandeshkhali

Both Sisir Adhikari and Dibyendu Adhikari are still holding their positions as Trinamool Congress MPs

Reported by: Apoorva Shukla
Sandeshkhali remains on boil as Shahjahan Sheikh is still on run | Image:ANI

Sandeshkhali Row: Two estranged MPs of Trinamool Congress have welcomed West Bengal Governor's decision to open the door of Raj Bhavan for the women of Sandeshkhali. Sandeshkhali women have accused TMC strongman Shahjahan Sheikh of sexual abuse and landgrab. 

Trinamool Congress Contai MP Sisir Adhikari and Tamluk MP Dibyendu have praised Governor Bose. Bengal Governor CV Ananda Bose said that the doors of Raj Bhavan are open for the women of Sandeshkhali who are feeling unsafe in their homes. Bose has assured that the "tortured" women from Sandeshkhali could seek refuge in Raj Bhavan, where they would be provided with shelter, food, and security.


Contai MP Sisir Adhikari is the father of BJP leader Suvendu Adhikari while Tamluk MP Dibyendu Adhikari is his younger brother. 

Governor Bose Reminded of Nandigram Agitation: Sisir 

Sisir Adhikari said the governor's move reminded him of the Nandigram agitation when he had to accommodate several people from that village at his residence as well as at his relatives and friends' places to give them "protection" from the ruling CPI(M).

"It's a great thinking. The governor must be praised for this. It reminds me how I had organised accommodation for several people from Nandigram during the agitation days to protect them from the goons of the CPI(M)," said MP Sisir Adhikari. 


Dibyendu has also written to Bose praising him for his gesture. "It's really an unimaginable step you have taken to provide shelter to tortured women from Sandeshkhali on Raj Bhavan premises," Adhikari wrote.

Both Adhikaris are estranged from TMC 

After the 2021 assembly polls, the Trinamool Congress (TMC) had submitted a request to the Lok Sabha Speaker, urging him to revoke the membership of Sisir Adhikari, whom they had accused of joining the BJP, under the anti-defection law.

Both Sisir Adhikari and Dibyendu Adhikari, while still holding their positions as Trinamool Congress MPs, are currently estranged from the party and do not maintain any affiliation with it. 



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