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Why Spokespersons Are Quitting Congress? Radhika Khera Makes Big Revelation

Ex-Congress insider Radhika Khera alleged that she was continuously targeted for visiting Ram Mandir.

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Radhika Khera said that she was continuously targeted for visiting Ram Mandir. | Image:Republic

New Delhi: Former Congress leader Radhika Khera, in an exclusive interview with Republic Media Network's Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami, made big revelations against the party, alleging that the workers are leaving the party as they are forced to set false narratives against the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and it is difficult for them to be a Hindu while being politically associated with the grand-old party. Radhika Khera alleged that she was continuously targeted for visiting Ram Mandir.

The former Congress insider said, “We were continuously told to target the BJP. We were told to create a false narrative by saying BJP is ending reservation and destroying the Constitution. We all have been following party orders and going by the party line. But in the end, Lord Ram belongs to everyone. Crores of Hindus across the globe awaited Ram Mandir’s construction. Then when the party took a stand against the Ram Mandir, I was very vocal about the fact that the party should not have written a letter like that (refusing to attend the consecration ceremony). We should have ensured that all of us go to Ram Mandir.”

She said those who expressed joy over temple construction or wanted to visit Ram Temple were made to feel untouchable. She alleged that the party scared them for taking Lord Ram’s name.

Khera's Exit Stirs Storm

She added, “Why are we made to feel untouchable if we want to visit the Ram temple? Why is an office bearer scared of going there? When anyone feels scared, then people take the name of Lord Ram and his prime disciple (Lord Hanuman) but the party makes us feel scared for taking Lord Ram’s name. “

Upon being asked to downplay her being a Hindu, she said,” The constitution has given us the right to follow any religion. When you join a political party, you don’t join it because of their religion but because of its ideology. Since I joined the party, I have never believed people who said that Congress was anti-Hindu, in fact I would always defend Congress. I even asked the party to raise the issue that it was Rajiv Gandhi who opened the doors of Ram Mandir but I was told to keep shut and never put up that point as a strategy.”


Similar Allegations by Ex-Congress leader Gaurav Vallabh

This is not the first time such allegations have been made against the party. Earlier, Gourav Vallabh had made similar allegations. Earlier in April, Vallabh resigned the primary membership of the Congress and joined the BJP, after calling the grand-old party “directionless.”


Upset over Congress rejecting the invitation of the Ram temple inauguration ceremony, Vallabh had earlier said, “An invitation was received and Congress rejected the invitation, I cannot accept it...The leaders of the alliance raised questions on Sanatana, why was Congress not responding to it?...I joined the BJP today and I hope to use my ability and knowledge to take India forward…"

In a post on X (formerly Twitter), Gourav had posted, “I do not feel comfortable with the directionless way in which the Congress party is moving forward today. I can neither raise anti-Sanatana slogans nor abuse the wealth creators of the country. I am resigning from all posts and primary membership of the Congress party." 


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