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Modi Stands in Solidarity With Those Who Have Nobody By Their Side: PM at Republic Summit 2024

Mentioning BJP’s latest campaign ‘Modi Ka Parivar’ at the Republic Summit, Prime Minister Narendra Modi called every citizens of this country as his family.

Reported by: Abhishek Tiwari
Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaking at the Republic Summit 2024 | Image:Republic

Republic Summit 2024: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while stressing that vision of a government, with a sensitive approach, builds a connection straight to the roots of the society and to the common people, reiterated that the 140 crore citizens of this country are his family and he always stands by them, who have no one by their side. Explaining how his government’s efforts and schemes have benefitted those who were largely ignored by the previous government’s, PM Modi at the Republic Summit 2024, asserted, “Modi stands in solidarity with those who have nobody by their side.”

The prime minister emphasized that his government focused on the development of each and every section of the society irrespective of their status, he termed the citizens of this country as his family as he mentioned BJP’s latest campaign ‘Modi Ka Parivar’.


All 140 crore citizens are Modi Ka Parivar: PM Modi

Talking at the Republic Summit 2024 on Thursday, PM Modi by placing examples one after the other, explained how his government’s last 10 years of tenure has brought vast changes in the lives of common people.


He said, “I was in Srinagar today, where I inaugurated and laid the foundation stones for several development projects. I have been associated with the land of Jammu and Kashmir for over 40 years. But, today, when I went there I witnessed a different sight. Today I looked there a lot more. I saw the mood there, saw the different appearance, saw the people full of self-confidence.”

“Earlier, there were governments, who had left them considering weak and considering them as a liability. But, we took the responsibilities of those in these 10 years and brought remarkable changes to their lives,” the prime minister said.


“...And this is why, I say that Modi stands in solidarity with those who have nobody by their side,” he added.


PM Modi stands for helpless

Explaining his claims of being there for those, who were earlier ignored, Prime Minister Modi said, “One can take example from the aspirational districts, which were left on their own as they were considered as backward society. Our government, not only changed the approach towards them, but has also changed their destiny.”


“This is how the life of the people living in our border areas was. The policy of the earlier governments was that the border areas should not be developed and because of this policy the people had to go through difficult situations and had to migrate. We started vibrant villages, to make people capable and the condition of the area could change,” he said.

Govt worked for welfare of specially-abled people

“Take the example of Divyang (Specially-abled people), for years people didn’t pay attention to them, since they were not considered as a vote bank. We not only gave priority to ‘Divyang’ in every sector, but also brought a change in the thinking of the people towards them,” PM said.

“You will be surprised at this. Language in our different states has developed in its own way, which is a matter of pride. But, surprisingly, we had different type signages in the country for specially-abled people, who were hearing impaired and had problems with speaking. Now, tell me, if such a Divyang from Delhi goes to Jaipur and the people there talk to him with different signage, then what will happen to him,” the prime minister emphasized.


“After so many years of Independence, I took notice of the issue, formed a committee and today a similar kind of signage is being put up all over the country for my disabled people. These are small things to mention, but it shows that when a sensitive democratic government is elected, its thinking and approach is connected to the ground, connected to the heart of the people,” PM Narendra Modi stated. 



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