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Republic Summit: Hardeep Singh Puri Lambasts Lobby Criticising Central Vista Project And Kartavya Path

Union Minister Hardeep Singh Puri lashed out at the opposition lobby which hurled criticism against the Central Vista project and the Kartavya path.

Republic Summit 2023
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Bhagyasree Sengupta
Republic Summit

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Union Minister Hardeep Singh Puri lashed out at the opposition lobby who criticised the Central Vista project and the Kartavya Path. On Wednesday, the Union Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas and Minister of Housing and Urban Affairs had an in-depth conversation with Republic’s Senior Editor Deepti Sachdeva in which he gave his outlook on wide-ranging issues. In the interview with Republic, the Union Minister talked about the criticisms over the Kartavya Path by opposition leaders like Jairam Ramesh. He then went on to laud Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision for the country. 

“I don’t think now there is any discussion now on Kartavya Path. Kartavya Path has been accepted by the people, we have a footfall there over the weekends of one and a half lakh. Even on a normal day 50,000 people and everybody loves it,” he asserted. Puri also recalled how Congress leader Jairam Ramesh and other members of the Parliament have expressed in the past that they wanted a new parliament building. “I don’t think these criticisms merit attention, even from a mediocre undergrad student,” he stressed.

Puri lauds PM Modi 

On day 2 of the summit, the Union Minister went on to laud the vision of PM Modi. He asserted that the PM believes in transformation. "Prime Minister Narendra Modi has defined good governance vis a vis good politics. We have the greatest achievement in Modi's governance. Of all the other PMs, we have never had anyone like Modi Ji. PM Modi believes in transformation,” he said. Puri then went on to stress the fact that India matters more to the world today. "India matters more to the world today. India is steadily rising as an independent country whose voice is being heard,” he said. "As we navigate the G20, the fact is, India matters more to the world and the world matters to India as well,” Puri added. 

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