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Four Astronauts Return to Earth After NASA's SpaceX Crew 7 Makes Safe Splashdown | Watch

The safe return of the multinational crew marks another successful chapter in humanity’s ongoing exploration of space.

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An undated photo of the four astronauts. | Image:AP

Four astronauts hailing from different corners of the globe touched down on Earth Tuesday, completing a six-month stint aboard the International Space Station (ISS). The crew, consisting of NASA’s Jasmin Moghbeli, Denmark’s Andreas Mogensen, Japan’s Satoshi Furukawa, and Russia’s Konstantin Borisov, journeyed back home aboard a SpaceX capsule, which made a predawn splashdown in the Gulf of Mexico near the Florida Panhandle.

Having embarked on their mission last August, the quartet bid farewell to the ISS and their fellow astronauts before embarking on their return journey. “We left you some peanut butter and tortillas,” remarked Moghbeli over the radio, evoking a warm exchange with their colleagues aboard the space station. Responding to the gesture, NASA’s Loral O’Hara expressed her appreciation, stating, “I miss you guys already and thanks for that very generous gift.”

The simple joys of Earth

YouTube grab shows parachute deployed moments before splashdown. (Image Credit: NASA)

Reflecting on their time in orbit, Mogensen shared his anticipation of the simple joys awaiting them back on Earth, including the melodic chirping of birds and the pleasure of enjoying crunchy food. This sentiment echoes the mixture of excitement and nostalgia often experienced by astronauts as they transition from the weightlessness of space to the familiarity of terrestrial life.

Here is what else you need to know

International Space Station | Credits: AP

NASA emphasizes the importance of having multiple means of transportation to and from the ISS, ensuring contingency plans are in place in the event of unforeseen circumstances. As SpaceX continues to provide reliable transportation services, Boeing is gearing up to join the ranks with a forthcoming two-pilot test flight scheduled for early May.

The safe return of the multinational crew marks another successful chapter in humanity’s ongoing exploration of space, reaffirming the collaborative spirit that transcends national borders in the quest for scientific discovery and innovation.


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