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Lakers' Net Profit $115.4 Million In 2016-17, Pistons Lost $63 Million: Report

Leaked NBA financial reports from 2016-17 claim that the Lakers made a mammoth $115.4 million profit in 2016-17, while Pistons lost $63 million.


The NBA 2019-20 season remains suspended due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic across the United States. A recent report claimed to have a copy of the leaked NBA financial report from the 2016-17 season. Lakers and Pistons' NBA financial reports have emerged, and the numbers make for interesting reading. 

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Leaked NBA financial report

Lakers profited $115.4 million in 2016-17, Pistons lost $63 million

In a leaked NBA financial report from the 2016-17 season, Fadeaway World's Brian Windhorst revealed that the Lakers made a whopping $115 million while the Pistons suffered a $63 million loss. Windhorst states, “I haven’t really revealed a lot of this because I was trying to be responsible with this information. Um, but this was for this 2016-17 season, so we’re a little bit were outdated here, but I want to kind of give you an idea of what the NBA financials are. The lead was not happy that I got this, and, uh, I’m sure they’ve taken measures. I haven’t tried to get a sense. I’m sure they’ve taken measures to prevent it from happening again. But I basically got the balance sheets of all the teams, and I was able to tell who was doing what. And, um, it was a kind of a fascinating look.”

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The leaked NBA financial report further added, “The best takeaway was the have and have nots, so let me just give you an example. This was his 2016-17 season. Their net income, you know, does include the taxes that they would have to pay to the government or whatever their net income. And that was the year they did not make the playoffs was $163 million. They had to give $49 million of that to their partners in revenue sharing, And they took home $115.4 million profit for that year. At the other end of the spectrum, the Detroit Pistons lost 63$ million that year.”

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