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LeBron James Injury Update: Lakers Left Sweating Over New Ankle Injury During Raptors Game

LeBron James injury update: Los Angeles Lakers leaves game with sore left ankle after 28 minutes of play in second game back after an ankle sprain.

LeBron James injury update

LeBron James' much-awaited return to the court did not translate into what everyone was hoping it would. In what would people were expecting to be a big win for the Los Angeles Lakers against the Toronto Raptors, the defending champions suffered a 121-114 loss. James, who has been back for two games now, spoke about not being too worried about the injury. 

LeBron James injury update: Will LeBron James return be delayed with new ankle injury? 

While the Lakers lost their third straight game, the main cause of concern for most fans is another injury for LeBron James. The 36-year-old icon had to miss the end of the game due to a sore right ankle, immediately becoming a cause of concern for fans. James has already missed a significant part of the 2020-21 season due to his high ankle sprain. 

Not only did it bench the four-time NBA champion for weeks, but it also affected the Lakers' performance. The team previously ranked second in the Western Conference, is now placed seventh in the Western Conference. Without LeBron James and Anthony Davis for multiple games, the 2020 title winners lost back-to-back games. While the Lakers were ranked fifth some days ago, the Dallas Mavericks and Portland Trail Blazers have now overtaken James and his team.  

Is LeBron James ankle injury serious?

While James' ankle soreness was a problem for many, the four-time NBA Finals MVP is not worried about the sore ankle. As per James, his ankle was "really good" at the beginning of the game and only got sore towards the end of the game. "I don't have too much level of concern, but I need to be healthy," James said, scoring 19 points and 11 rebounds for the team in 28 minutes of play. 

Fans react to Lakers injury news

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