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LeBron James Space Jam Contract: How Much Will LeBron James Earn From Space Jam 2?

LeBron James Space Jam contract — Space Jam: A New Legacy, starring LeBron James, Don Cheadle and other actors, is set to release on July 16.

LeBron James Space Jam contract

Around six years ago, the sequel to Michael Jordan's Space Jam was announced. LeBron James was confirmed for the movie, which remained in development and production. However, fans now have a release date and trailer for the movie, a sufficient excitement generating as everyone gears up to see King James act in the fun-filled film. 

LeBron James Space Jam contract

When the film was announced, James was still playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers. The 36-year-old has since then moved to the Los Angeles Lakers where he won his fourth NBA title last season. As the film's release date nears, James and the official Space Jam Twitter account are posting new teasers and updates. 

The film started filming in 2019, with things like director Terrance Nance leaving and the COVID-19 pandemic eventually affecting the release. That being said, James had spoken about how COVID-19 did not affect the production vastly as only the animation was remaining. However, the trailer was released, fans finally getting a glimpse of James' acting and the other supporting actors. 

LeBron James Space Jam 2 salary: How much will LeBron James earn in Space Jam 2?

As of now, the paycheck offered to LeBron James for the movie remains unknown. One can only assume that the NBA icon is getting paid in millions for a movie expected to make hundreds of millions from the box office. James' company, SpringHill Entertainment, is also signed with Warner Bros. While the nature of the deal is under wraps, James is speculated to make a significant profit. 

A report by The Ringer explores profits made with the film, and how this is the biggest project for James, this time an executive producer. Not only will James earn as an actor in the movie, but he will also make money as someone producing it. Additionally, the movie is reportedly expected to do better in 2021 as opposed to previous years. 

LeBron James Space Jam 2 role

The new trailer released for Space Jam: A New Legacy reveals a more detailed plot, showcasing James, his family in the movie and Don Cheadle as the villain. James will apparently look to save his son by playing basketball, who Cheadle has taken. In what looks like various dimensions and world, the Lakers star also enters the Looney Tunes world, becoming a cartoon animation himself. 

Briefly providing an idea of the plot, the trailer also shows some funny scenes, many of them on the court. James is also seen interacting with the Tune Squad, who will most likely train to help James beat Cheadle. The movie will also feature Grammy, who seems to hit a shot James remains particularly impressed with. 

NBA players like Damian Lillard and Klay Thompson, who are a part of the movie, have not made a proper appearance yet. 

Space Jam 2 release date

  • The movie is set to release on July 16, 2021. 

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