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Michael Jordan Broke Down Away From Cameras While Talking About His Father: Jason Hehir

The Last Dance director Jason Hehir addressed how difficult it must have been for Michael Jordan to discuss his father, James R. Jordan's death on camera.

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan's relationship with his late father, James R. Jordan was well-explored in his latest documentary, The Last Dance. Jordan's father was an influential figure in his legendary career and was always seen alongside the Bulls legend during his first three-peat between 1991 and 1993. Talking about his late father was always expected to be emotional for the 57-year-old. During a recent interview, The Last Dance director Jason Hehir shed light on what it was like discussing about Michael Jordan's father during the filming of the documentary.


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Michael Jordan father: The Last Dance director talks about the father-son relationship

The Last Dance director Jason Hehir joined theScore for a Q and A session where he explained Michael Jordan was always careful with his words while speaking about his father. "I'm sure he breaks down away from cameras, Hehir said. "It would be natural to. I think when he's telling that story, he's very deliberate in his telling of it and he just goes to another place. You can see he's just trying to grit and bear it and get through the details so that he can finish talking about it."

"One of the images that I couldn't get out of my head is Ahmad Rashad, who is one of his best friends, talking about driving to the memorial service and that Michael couldn't tie his tie in the limo on the way there," Hehir added.

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The Last Dance director proceeded to share his experience stating Michael Jordan may have put on a suit and tie thousands of times in his career but he was so distraught after the loss of his father that he struggled to get his tie in place, so much so, his best friend had to do it for him. "It was a humanizing moment, and it's one of those images that I think are indelible to the telling of the story," Hehir told theScore.

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Michael Jordan father death and Jordan's career thereafter

On July 23, 1993, Michael Jordan's father was tragically murdered by two men - Daniel Andre Green and Larry Martin Demery. James R. Jordan was reportedly sleeping in his car when one of the aforementioned duo shot him with a .38-caliber. 1993 was also a tumulous year for the Bulls star, who announced his retirement from the NBA in order to try his hand at professional baseball.

At the time, Jordan thought he would never play in the NBA again and that his father had witnessed his last game before his untimely passing away. However, it is common knowledge that Jordan's retirement in 1993 did not last very long and he was back in the NBA in 1995. Michael Jordan and the Bulls went on to win their second three-peat before Jordan once again announced his retirement in January 13, 1999.

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