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'Perfectionist' Sanjay Manjrekar Gets Netizens Riled Up Once Again With 'few Issues' With India's World Cup Win Versus Bangladesh

Written By Koushik Narayanan | Mumbai | Published:


  • Indian commentator Sanjay Manjrekar once again took to Twitter to address the woes of the Indian team, inviting the brunt of netizens for a second consecutive day
  • Manjrekar said in a tweet that KL Rahul's opening, Mohammed Shami's death over bowling and MS Dhoni's failure to go big towards the end of the innings were issues needed to be addressed to make the team fool proof
  • Angry fans took to Twitter to reply to Manjrekar and lashed out at him

Despite India's convincing victory over Bangladesh that saw India confirm a berth at the semi-finals on 2 July at Edgbaston, Indian commentator Sanjay Manjrekar renewed his criticisms of the Indian team and the 'issues' that needed to be addressed. 

Manjrekar bore the brunt of exasperated Indian fans after he tweeted about MS Dhoni prior to the Bangladesh match in addition to complaining about India's middle order woes during his commentary during the match. In his latest tweet after the match, Manjrekar continued in the same vein, saying that KL Rahul was still not a convincing opener  (despite him having scored 77 runs), Shami's capability as a death bowler and Dhoni's failure to fire all cylinders needed to be addressed in order for India to become a fool proof team. 

Once again, Manjrekar invited trouble for himself, as netizens resorted to criticising the commentator for his analysis of the Indian cricket team. Unhappy netizens replied angrily to Manjrekar's tweet. Read some of the replies below: 

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Indian fans came out in defence of KL Rahul and Mohammed Shami, pointing out to Manjrekar that both the players had performed well in the past and that failure in one match cannot be considered as an 'issue'. 

Fans of former skipper MS Dhoni joined the bandwagon in reminding Manjrekar of the captain cool's experience and contributions. 

There have been repeated requests from the fans to Manjrekar to tone down his criticism of the Indian team. However, Manjrekar has continued to launch attacks on the team without heeding to the pleas of the fans, thereby bearing the brunt of angry netizens. 

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