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Vijay Hazare Trophy 2021 Highlights: Maharashtra, Bengal, Saurashtra, And Baroda Win

The Round 5 matches of the Vijay Hazare trophy gets underway on Tuesday with the table-topper from each of the five elite groups automatically qualifying for the quarterfinal stage. The six second-placed teams in each of the five elite groups and the top team in the plate group - will battle it out in the pre-quarterfinals for the three vacant quarterfinal spots.

vijay hazare trophy live scores

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17:28 IST, December 14th 2021
Here are the results of all the Vijay Hazare Trophy 2021 matches held on December 14, 2021-

Vidarbha vs J&K:

Vidarbha -236/5(43 overs)

Jammu and Kashmir- 233/10(49.3 overs)

Vidarbha won by five wickets


Goa vs Punjab:

Goa- 288/7 (50 overs)

Punjab- 288/8 (50 overs)

Match tied


Rajasthan vs Services:

Services- 232/7 (50 overs)

Rajasthan- 216/9 (50 overs)

Services won by 16 runs


Railways vs Assam:

Assam- 267/8 (50 overs)

Railways- 205/10 (48.1 overs)

Assam won by 62 runs


Nagaland vs Mizoram:

Nagaland- 236/8 (50 overs)

Mizoram- 156/10 (48 overs)

Nagaland win by 80 runs


Bihar vs Arunachal Pradesh:

Bihar- 87/4 (19.1 overs)

Arunachal Pradesh- 83/10 (21.3 overs)

Bihar won by six wickets


Sikkim vs Manipur:

Sikkim- 230/9 (50 overs)

Manipur- 234/8 (50 overs)

Manipur won by two wickets


Tripura vs Meghalaya:

Meghalaya-116/10 (39.5 overs)

Tripura- 118/1 (28 overs)

Tripura won by nine wickets


Chhattisgarh vs Madhya Pradesh:

Madhya Pradesh- 191/10 (45.5 overs)

Chhattisgarh- 188/10 (49.3 overs)

Madhya Pradesh won by three runs


Maharashtra vs Chandigarh:

Chandigarh- 309/7 (50 overs)

Maharashtra- 313/5 (48.5 overs)

Maharashtra won by five wickets


Kerala vs Uttarakhand:

Uttarakhand- 224/9 (50 overs)

Kerala- 225/5 (35.4 overs)

Kerala won by five wickets


Hyderabad vs Jharkhand:

Jharkhand- 276/10 (50 overs)

Hyderabad- 240/10 (48.4 overs)

Jharkhand won by 36 runs


Saurashtra vs Delhi:

Delhi- 201/8 (50 overs)

Saurashtra- 204/6 (38.1 overs)

Saurashtra win by four wickets


Uttar Pradesh vs Haryana:

Uttar Pradesh- 245/9 (50 overs)

Haryana- 167/10 (38.5 overs)

Uttar Pradesh won by 78 runs


Baroda vs Tamil Nadu:

Baroda- 114/10 (39 overs)

Tamil Nadu- 73/10 (20.2 overs)

Baroda won by 41 runs


Mumbai vs Pondicherry:

Pondicherry- 157/10 (46 overs)

Mumbai-139/10 (48.1 overs)

Pondicherry won by 18 runs


Karnataka vs Bengal:

Karnataka- 252/8 (50 overs)

Bengal- 253/6 (48.3 overs)

Bengal won by four wickets


Gujarat vs Andhra Pradesh:

Andhra- 253/9 (50 overs)

Gujarat- 172/10 (41.3 overs)

Andhra Pradesh won by 81 runs


Odisha vs Himachal Pradesh:

Himachal- 360/5 (50 overs)

Odisha- 297/10 (45.1 overs)

Himachal Pradesh won by 63 runs

17:03 IST, December 14th 2021
Bengal defeat Karnataka by four wickets

Bengal chased down the target of 253 runs set by Karnataka with nine balls remaining in the match and four wickets remaining in their hands, courtesy of a brilliant batting display. After restricting Karnataka for 252/8 in the first innings, Abhisek Das and skipper Sudip Chatterjee scored individual half-centuries while Ritwik Roy Choudhary fell one run short of his half-century. Meanwhile, Shahbaz and Writtick Bijoy Chatterjee were present in the crease and ended up winning the match by four wickets. At the same time, Karnataka skipper Manish Pandey's knock of 90 runs in the first innings has of less use as the team ended up on the losing side.

16:52 IST, December 14th 2021
Maharashtra defeat Chandigarh by five wickets

The Maharashtra vs Chandigarh match saw many notable performances, starting from Manan Vohra's knock of 141 runs to Ruturaj Gaikwad's fourth century of the Vijay Hazare Trophy 2021 campaign. Gaikwad scored 168 runs off 132 balls before getting dismissed, while AN Kazi won the match for Maharashtra by scoring an unbeaten knock of 73 runs. Maharashtra cruised to the target of 310 runs riding high on skipper Ruturaj Gaikwad's knock with seven balls remaining in the match, having five wickets in their hands.

16:45 IST, December 14th 2021
Bengal need 10 runs to win against Karnataka; Maharashtra need 7 runs to win against Chandigarh

Karnataka vs Bengal- After 46 overs of their chase of 253 runs, Bengal find themselves at 243/6 with Shahbaz and Writtick Bijoy Chatterjee take Bengal's case forward.
Maharashtra vs Chandigarh- Following Ruturaj Gaikwad's dismissal on the individual score of 168 runs, AN Kazi is batting on the individual score of 63 runs alongside AB Dandekar. Maharashtra have 303/5 after 48 overs and now need 7 runs to win the match against Chandigarh.

16:33 IST, December 14th 2021
Saurashtra defeat Delhi by four wickets

Saurashtra cruised to victory against Delhi by chasing down the target of 202 runs with almost 12 overs remaining in the match. While Jaydev Unadkat and Chetan Shakariya starred in the first innings by dismissing two wickets each, Prerak Mankad and Samarth Vyas starred in the second innings while chasing the target. Mankad top-scored with 73 runs while Vyas scored 52 runs. Meanwhile, Chirag Jani and DA Jadeja hit the winning runs for as Delhi bowler Mayank Yadav's effort of 3/57 wasn't enough to defend the below-par target.

16:20 IST, December 14th 2021
Karnataka 253/8 vs Bengal 216/5, Chandigarh 309/7 vs Maharashtra 269/4, Delhi 201/8 vs Saurashtra 198/6

Karnataka vs Bengal- Ritwik Roy Choudhary was denied his half-century by one run as was dismissed by Karnataka in the 32nd over. Meanwhile, Bengal skipper Sudip Chatterjee was dismissed on the individual score of 63 runs as the team stands at 216/5 after 39.1 overs. Bengal needs 38 runs to win the match.
Maharashtra vs Chandigarh-  Ruturaj Gaikwad continues to lead Maharashtra from the front, as he is currently batting on the individual score of 168 runs. After 42.4 overs of play, Maharashtra find themselves at 269/4, needing 41 runs to win the match.
Delhi vs Saurashtra-  Saurashtra lost the wicket of Samarth Vyas after he scored 52 individual runs. The team now requires four runs to win the match against Delhi as they find themselves at 198/6 after 38 overs.

16:20 IST, December 14th 2021
How did the cricket fans react to Ruturaj Gaikwad's century?


15:45 IST, December 14th 2021
Karnataka 253/8 vs Bengal 188/3, Chandigarh 309/7 vs Maharashtra 198/4, Delhi 201/8 vs Saurashtra 159/5

Karnataka vs Bengal- Chasing Karnataka's first innings target of 254 runs, Bengal find themselves at 188/3 after 31 overs. Sudip Chatterjee and Ritwik Roy Choudhary are currently batting on 57 and 49 runs respectively, with 65 runs needed to win the match.
Maharashtra vs Chandigarh- Maharashtra skipper Ruturaj Gaikwad scored his fourth century of the tournament and is currently batting alongside AN Kazi, as the team finds itself at 198/4 after 36 overs, with 112 runs required to win the match.
Delhi vs Saurashtra- Prerak Mankad scored 73 individual runs before getting dismissed in the 30th over as Saurashtra find themselves at 159/5 after 30 overs of play. Saurashtra now need 43 runs more to win the match against Delhi.

15:34 IST, December 14th 2021
Ruturaj Gaikwad scores his fourth century of the Vijay Hazare Trophy 2021

Maharashtra skipper Ruturaj Gaikwad hit his fourth century for Maharashtra in the Vijay Hazare Trophy 2021, by reaching to his 100 off 95 balls. He earlier scored 136(112), 154*(143), 124(129), and 21(18) leading the team in the tournament. During his knock, he stitched a first wicket partnership of 101 runs with opener YJ Nahar.

15:25 IST, December 14th 2021
Karnataka 253/8 vs Bengal 150/3, Chandigarh 309/7 vs Maharashtra 163/4, Delhi 201/8 vs Saurashtra 129/4

Karnataka vs Bengal- Bengal have scored 150 runs at the loss of three wickets after 26 overs. Skipper Sudip Chatterjee and Ritwik Roy Choudhary currently bat it out in the middle against Karnataka, with 103 runs required to win the match.
Maharashtra vs Chandigarh- Having already lost two wickets in the 19th over, Maharashtra lost the wickets of AR Bawane and NS Shaikh in consecutive balls in the 24th over and currently stand at 163/4 after 31 overs chasing the target of 310 runs. Meanwhile, Ruturaj Gaikwad needs one run more to complete his century.
Delhi vs Saurashtra- Perak Mankad is batting on 50 individual runs while Saurashtra stand at 129/4 after 26.3 overs, requiring 73 runs to win the match.

14:51 IST, December 14th 2021
Karnataka 253/8 vs Bengal 103/3, Chandigarh 309/7 vs Maharashtra 131/2, Delhi 201/8 vs Saurashtra 75/4

Karnataka vs Bengal- Bengal lost the wicket of Abhisek Das in the 13th over of their chase, as he went back to the pavilion after scoring 58 runs. Bengal currently stand at 103/3 after 18 overs, requiring 150 runs to win against Karnataka.
Maharashtra vs Chandigarh- Following a first wicket partnership of 101 runs between skipper Ruturaj Gaikwad and YJ Nahar, Maharashtra lost the wicket of Nahar and new batter Rahul Tripathi in the 19th over. They currently find themselves at 131/2 after 23 overs, requiring 179 runs more to get past the first innings score of Chandigarh.
Delhi vs Saurashtra- Saurashtra find themselves at 75/4 after 18.4 overs of the second innings. They now need 127 runs more to win the match against Delhi.

14:40 IST, December 14th 2021
Baroda defeat Tamil Nadu by 41 runs

Following an underwhelming performance with the bat, that saw Baroda score 114 runs in the first innings of the match against Tamil Nadu, Baroda came up with a brilliant effort with the ball. Chasing 115 runs in the 50-over match, Tamil Nadu was bowled out for 73 runs courtesy of three wickets by Baroda bowler Bhargav Bhatt, two wickets each by Krunal Pandya and GS Mann, and one wicket by LI Meriwala.

14:24 IST, December 14th 2021
Karnataka 253/8 vs Bengal 75/2, Baroda 114/10 vs Tamil Nadu 73/10, Chandigarh 309/7 vs Maharashtra 92/0, Delhi 201/8 vs Saurashtra 53/4

Karnataka vs Bengal- Bengal lost the wicket of opener Ranjot Singh Kharia after a 51 run stand with Abhisek Das, followed by the wicket of Anustup Majumdar. Chasing the target of 254 runs set by Karnataka, Bengal find themselves at 75/2 after 13 overs.
Baroda vs Tamil Nadu- Tamil Nadu got bowled out at the mere score of 73 runs as Baroda bowlers went all out on TN, after earlier scoring just 114 runs in the first innings.
Maharashtra vs Chandigarh- Having scored three centuries so far in the tournament, Maharashtra skipper Ruturaj Gaikwad scored yet another half-century against Chandigarh. Maharashtra are at 92/0 after 16.1 overs.
Delhi vs Saurashtra- Chasing the low target of 202 runs, Saurashtra find themselves at 53/4 after 13.2 overs. Mayank Yadav and Simarjeet Singh have dismissed two batters each so far.

13:33 IST, December 14th 2021
Karnataka 253/8 vs Bengal 8/0, Baroda 114/10 vs Tamil Nadu 39/6, Chandigarh 309/7 vs Maharashtra 14/0, Delhi 201/8 vs Saurashtra 14/0

Karnataka vs Bengal- Chasing the target of 254 runs, Bengal openers Abhisek Das and Ranjot Singh Kharia scored 8 runs after 2.1 overs of their chase.
Baroda vs Tamil Nadu- Chasing 115 runs, Tamil Nadu lost the wicket of Vijay Shankar and Washington Sundar in the 12th over and find themselves at 39/6 after 14 overs.
Maharashtra vs Chandigarh- Three overs into their chase of 310 runs, Maharashtra openers Ruturaj Gaikwad and Y J Nahar have scored 14 runs after three overs.
Delhi vs Saurashtra- Saurashtra openers Vishwarajsinh Jadeja and H Desai have scored 14 runs after three overs of their chase of 202 runs. 

12:49 IST, December 14th 2021
Karnataka 253/8 vs Bengal, Tamil Nadu 33/5 vs Baroda, Chandigarh 309/7 vs Maharashtra, Delhi 201/8 vs Saurashtra

Karnataka vs Bengal- Karnataka set Bengal a target of 253 runs by finishing at 252/8 in the first innings. Manish Pandey scored the maximum of 90 runs for Karnataka while Pradipta Pramanik returned as the highest wicket-taker for Bengal, after dismissing four batters.
Baroda vs Tamil Nadu- After displaying a clinical bowling performance which saw the Baroda batting line-up crumble on the score of 114 runs, Tamil Nadu also suffer a similar onslaught as they find themselves at 33/5 after 12 overs of their chase. 
Maharashtra vs Chandigarh- Chandigarh set Maharashtra a target of 310 runs by finishing at 309/7 in the first innings. Skipper Manan Vohra top-scored for Chandigarh by hitting a knock of 141 runs, while Arslan Z Khan and A K Kaushik scored 87 and 56 runs respectively.
Delhi vs Saurashtra- Delhi set a target of 202 runs for Saurashtra, after managing to score a bit more than 200 runs in the first innings after losing eight wickets. Wicketkeeper Anuj Rawat top-scored by hitting 45 runs, while skipper Jaydev Unadkat and Chetan Shakariya dismissed two batters each.

12:06 IST, December 14th 2021
Karnataka 191/6 vs Bengal, Tamil Nadu 17/1 vs Baroda, Maharashtra 140/2 vs Chandigarh, Delhi 155/7 vs Saurashtra

Karnataka vs Bengal- Karnataka have scored 191 runs at the loss of five wickets in the first innings, after the completion of 41 overs. Karnataka skipper Manish Pandey scored 90 individual runs before walking back in the 40th over. Bengal bowler Pradipta Paramanik has the maximum of three wickets to his name currently.
Baroda vs Tamil Nadu- Baroda got bowled out for 114 runs in the first innings as Krunal Pandya top-scored with 38 runs. Chasing the below-par target of 115 runs, Tamil Nadu have 17/1 on the board after four overs in the second innings. 
Maharashtra vs Chandigarh- Chandigarh have scored 240/2 after 42.2 overs in the first innings. Chandigarh skipper Manan Vohra reached his century off 103 balls and is currently batting at 134 individual runs. At the same time, Arslan Z Khan returned after scoring 87 runs.
Delhi vs Saurashtra- Delhi find themselves at 155/7 after 38.3 over, having lost the wicket of Lalit Yadav in the over. Chetan Shakariya leads the Saurashtra bowling attack with two wickets to his credit.

10:51 IST, December 14th 2021
Karnataka 107/3 vs Bengal, Baroda 81/4 vs Tamil Nadu, Delhi 66/4 vs Saurashtra

Karnataka vs Bengal: Karnataka who won the toss and elected to bat first lost three wickets for 99 runs on board.  For Bengal Writtick Bijoy Chatterjee tasted success with two wickets to his name while Akash Deep had one wicket. Writtick Bijoy Chatterjee had wickets of Rohan Kadam and Sidharth KV, while Akash Deep picked the wicket of R Samarth.

Tamil Nadu vs Baroda: Baroda are currently struggling at 79/4 with Washington Sundar and Sandeep Warrier picking up 2 wickets apiece. Sundar dismissed Aditya Waghmode and Bhanu Pania, while Warrier dismissed skipper Kedar Devdhar and  Dhruv Patel.

Delhi vs Saurashtra: Delhi is currently struggling at 66/4 against Sausjtra with Shikhar Dhawan failing to score runs with the bat. For Saurashtra, Chetan Sakariya picked up two wickets of Vaibhav Kandpal and Himmat Singh. Jaydev Unadkat dismissed Shikhar Dhawan, while Chirag Jain dismissed Nitish Rana

09:59 IST, December 14th 2021
Vijay Hazare Trophy live score: Karnataka plays Bengal, Tamil Nadu faces Baroda, Delhi takes on Saurashtra

Vijay Hazare Trophy Live: December 14 fixtures

Elite A

At Mumbai: Jammu & Kashmir vs Vidarbha, Himachal Pradesh vs Odisha;

At Thana: Andhra vs Gujarat.

Elite B

Thumba: Bengal vs Karnataka;

Thiruvananthapuram: Mumbai vs Puducherry;

Mangalapuram: Baroda vs Tamil Nadu.

Elite C:

Mohali: Haryana vs Uttar Pradesh

Mullanpur: Delhi vs Saurashtra

Chandigarh: Hyderabad vs Jharkhand.

Elite D

Rajkot: Kerala vs Uttarakhand, Chattisgarh vs Madhya Pradesh

Saurashtra: Chandigarh vs Maharashtra.

Elite E

Ranchi: Assam vs Railways, Rajasthan vs Services, Goa vs Punjab.


Jaipur: Meghalaya vs Tripura, Manipur vs Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh vs Bihar, Mizoram vs Nagaland

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