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Inter Milan Logo: Serie A Giants Unveil New Club Badge, Fans Left Disgruntled

The Inter Milan logo change which was announced on Tuesday hasn't gone down well with the club fans, most of whom vent out their anguish on social media.

Inter Milan logo

After months of speculation and uncertainty, Serie A giants Inter Milan have undergone a massive logo revamp. It had been previously claimed that a new Inter Milan logo will be introduced to mark the club's 113th anniversary in March. But the Inter Milan club crest change hasn't been received well by the fans, many of whom vented out their frustration about the same on social media. 

Inter Milan new badge introduced on Tuesday

On Tuesday, the new Inter Milan logo was unveiled by the club's official Twitter handle. The new club crest keeps the initials 'I' and 'M' dominant embedded in a circle, similar to that of the previous logo. The previous Inter Milan club crest also had the letters 'FC' within. Although the new crest gets rid of it. 

The previous badge had the letters FCIM in the design, while the new badge just has IMO (for Inter Milano). There are other stark differences between the new and the old logo. The previous logo had four colour variants, including the historical blue, black and white. 

Fans left disgruntled by Inter Milan logo change 

Inter Milan new badge inspired by Juventus?

The newly introduced club crest resonates with the team's current jersey colour - i.e. use of blue and black colours only. Per various reports in Italy, Inter Milan were inspired by the Juventus logo change which made waves following its introduction to a simplistic concept in 2017. 

The Juventus logo change marked the beginning of a new black and white era at Allianz Stadium. The new logo of the defending Serie A champions was characterised by the distinctive stripes of the jersey, the Scudetto as well as the letter 'J' which represents Juventus. 

Inter Milan logo history: How many changes has Inter's logo undergone?

Since the inception of the legendary club in 1908, Inter Milan's logo has come undergone massive change on a number of occasions. To be precise, the iconic San Siro outfit has undergone 15 logo changes over a 113-year long history. Despite the several changes, two things stood common in the logo for a major part of the club's history- the circular monogram and the snake. 

The first logo of the club was designed by Giorgio Muggiani, one of the founders of Inter Milan and continued for the next two decades. The logo was composed of the club's initials 'FCIM' that crossed each other in a circular shape, embedded on a golden background. The crest was then enclosed in two black and two blue circles. 

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