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Jose Mourinho Takes Sly Jibe At English Press; Claims They Only Discuss 'controversy'

During his pre-match press conference, Jose Mourinho took a jibe at the English press, stating that 'in England, they only want to talk about the controversy'

AS Roma's Jose Mourinho

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AS Roma's new coach Jose Mourinho is looking forward to his new challenge in Serie A, but made it clear that it will take him time to be successful. The last Serie A club Mourinho coached was Inter Milan when he guided them to the treble in 2010. After taking on his new role, he could not hesitate to take a jibe at the English press after difficult stints at Chelsea, Manchester United and Tottenham.

Jose Mourinho takes jibe at English press

Jose Mourinho took a cheeky jibe at the English press as he claimed that they 'only want to talk about problems.' While speaking at his pre-Fiorentina match press conference, the Portuguese coach said, "When I was in England, I always told my staff, I really miss the press conferences in Italy, because in England they only want to talk about the controversy. But now that I'm in Italy, I don’t want to talk about tactics, because you’re too good at the analysis!"

While reflecting on the tactics against Trabzonspor, the new AS Roma coach said, "It's true, against Trabzonspor we put in a lot of crosses and got things wrong. Football nowadays is not so tied up with the system, so it becomes more difficult for the opposition to prepare against you. There are different ways of reaching the same objective, which is to win. Sometimes we'll push hard with both full-backs, sometimes only one at a time. Roma is a giant club, the size of many other clubs I have been to."

Mourinho explained how Roma is different to previous challenges

Jose Mourinho said that it is likely to take him a longer time to taste success at AS Roma as compared to previous clubs because the Serie A outfit have not won a title in a long time. "The nature of this project is another thing. When I arrived at Chelsea, Inter or Real Madrid, the projects were obvious - to win from day one. Roma are in a different situation - they are a club that hasn't won in a long time and that last year finished 29 points from first and 16 from fourth. It is obvious that it takes time and in football time is important. The reality is that we have not won for many years. There is a lot of work to do, but the results will come," said an optimistic Jose Mourinho.

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