Mexican Club Tigres To Ban Man After He Gropes Player Sofia Huerta

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A man in Mexico is set to be charged with a lifetime ban from entering the club, Tigres' Estadio Universitario stadium after he groped player Sofia Huerta

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Mexican club Tigres

An unidentified man in Mexico is all set to be charged with a lifetime ban from entering the Mexican club, Tigres' Estadio Universitario stadium after he groped Sofia Huerta while taking a selfie after a match. The incident happened on October 5, after a friendly match between Tigres and Houston Dash, which is a part of the top tier in America's National Women's soccer league (NWSL).

A violation of human dignity

Sofia Huerta, who plays as a midfielder for Houston Dash, was in the midst of clicking pictures with her fans when an unidentified man standing behind her in the stands, suddenly groped her. In response to this, the Mexican club, Tigres, condemned what happened. Furthermore, the club urged people to help them identify the culprit and bring him to justice. In a statement issued by the club, they promised to bar the man from entering their stadium and also prohibit him from watching any of the matches played between women's clubs.

In addition to this, they stated that any form of action that leads to harassment or amounts to a direct human rights violation will be dealt with the utmost seriousness to protect the integrity of any woman.

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A move to uphold moral principles

While speaking to an international media outlet, Tigres stated that they would take legal action against the culprit as he had been finally apprehended due to the joint efforts of the public and the club. The club also said that the man has been handed over to the concerned authorities. Reportedly, the club stated that it wanted to apologize to Sofia and her family for the violating incident that she went through. Also, Tigres added that safeguarding the safety and dignity of any human being was their top priority. 

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The US-based club, Houston Dash, stated that it appreciated their host's stand against such an offence and thanked Tigres for their efforts in solving the case without compromising the security of Huerta.

Having won the Mexican league title 7 times, Tigres is one of the oldest clubs in Mexico and have spent almost 6 decades in the top tier of Mexican football. Houston Dash is relatively a new team, having joined the NWSL(National Women's Soccer League) in the 2014 season and still in the process of building itself in order to win silverware.

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