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TV Host Michael Strahan Enjoys Space Ride On Blue Origin's New Shepard With Football

Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin sent the former NFL player and Good Morning America host Michael Strahan to the space on New Shepard with a football.

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Image: Twitter/@michaelstrahan/blueorigin

Jeff Bezos' space company, Blue Origin, successfully launched its third human spaceflight with six astronauts on board. The co-host of ABC’s Good Morning America and former New York Giant Michael Strahan was also one of the members to enjoy a 10 minutes ride in the space in New Shepard. The NS-19 mission launched on December 11 from Launch Site One in West Texas.

Michael Strahan enjoys space ride in Blue Origin's New Shepard

The former NFL player was launched on a suborbital flight on New Shepard for Blue Origin NS-19 mission on December 11. The spacecraft also included the daughter of Alan Shepard (first American to visit space) Laura Shepard along with Dylan Taylor, a space industry entrepreneur and philanthropist, investor Evan Dick, Bess Ventures founder Lane Bess, and Cameron Bess who went as paying customers. 

Additionally, this mission marked New Shepard’s 19th mission to space and the third with humans on board. The lift-off and touchdown of the ship were available for interested viewers through live stream. As per the timings provided by the official Twitter handle of Blue Origin, the capsule was launched at 9:00:42 AM CST / 15:00:42 UTC and landed at 9:10:55 AM CST / 15:10:55 UTC. The mission elapsed time was 10 min 13 sec. 

Michael Strahan was reportedly accompanied by a football which was given to him by founder Jeff Bezos during an interview. The football will reportedly go to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Additionally, the former NFL player also took his Super Bowl ring and his newly retired No. 92 jersey to the ride with him. The official Twitter handle of Blue Origin also shared a few glimpses into the player going through vigorous training to prepare for the 10 minutes flight to space. 

 Ahead of his launch, the TV host expressed his excitement for the out-of-the-world adventure via his social media as he wrote in one of the posts, ''Wow… I can’t believe tomorrow I am going to SPACE!!!'' He also shared an update from the launch site as he wrote, ''We walk across this bridge to get to the #NewShepard capsule! “Light this candle”… was said by Alan Shepard before liftoff! Alan Shepard is the first American to travel to space and the namesake of New Shepard! His daughter Laura Shepard Churchley is with me on this adventure!''

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Image: Twitter/@michaelstrahan/blueorigin

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