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'Player Being Abused Is The Only Person To Be Punished': Vini Jr's Treatment Called Out

Football world reacts to Vinicius Jr's racism claims from the Real Madrid vs Valencia La Liga match. From Rio Frerdinand to Kylian Mbappe, may have reacted.

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Kylian Mbappe, Rio Ferdinand: Football World reacts to Vinicius Jr's racism allegations

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Vinicius Junior was subjected to racial abuse on Sunday during the Real Madrid vs Valencia game in La Liga. Junior was provoked by a notorious fan sitting in the stand. Vinicius pointed at the fan who passed the racial slur and things became intense afterward. The football world has reacted to the ugly incident snapped at the Mastalla.

As Vinicius was livid, the intense moment became extreme as an altercation broke out between Hugo Duro. While Hugo Duro did not receive any booking from the referee, Vinicius was shown a straight red.

"It wasn't the first time, not the second and not the third. Racism is normal in La Liga. The competition thinks it's normal, so does the Federation and the opponents encourage it. I am soo sorry. The championship that once belonged to Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Cristiano, and Messi, today belongs to the racists. A beautiful nation, which welcomed me and I love, but which accepted to export the image to the world from a racist country. Sorry for the Spaniards who do not agree, but today, in Brazil, Spain is known as a country of racists. And unfortunately, with everything that happens on a weekly basis, I have no way to defend. I agree. But I'm strong and will go to the end against the racists. Even though it's far from here.", Vinicius Junior's statement after the match.

Football World reacts to Vinicius Jr Allegations on racism

Following the statement by Vinicius, an official statement from La Liga was also released and thereafter different members of the Football world also presented their opinions on the incident. From Rio Ferdinand to Kylian Mbappe, footballers and experts have been vocal about active racism. Here are a few of the many reactions of the football world.

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