Coronavirus Lockdown: MLB Season Could Be Delayed Until Memorial Day Weekend

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The Coronavirus lockdown in the United States could see the upcoming Major League Baseball (MLB) season postponed until the Memorial Day weekend on May 9.

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Coronavirus lockdown

The Coronavirus lockdown in the United States could see the MLB season start date postponed as a precautionary measure. The Center Of Disease Control And Prevention has recommended that no more than 50 people should gather together due to the growing instances of Coronavirus in the US for an eight week period. This means that the MLB season start date could be pushed to as far as the Memorial Day weekend. 

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Coronavirus lockdown: MLB season postponed due to Coronavirus in the US

The MLB has put a hold on all baseball operations meaning that the upcoming season of the MLB which was supposed to kick off in late March could be postponed to May 9. The beginning of the MLB season has been suspended until April 9, though playing an entire 162-game season starting in April seems a tad unimaginable. The Coronavirus lockdown was issued after a New York Yankees minor league player tested positive for the virus. The Yankees have quarantined all their minor league players and as the player did not make way to the major league camp which is a mile away, the Yankees stars, for now, are safe. 

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Coronavirus lockdown: Growing cases of Coronavirus in the US could see MLB season postponed up to Memorial Day

 The April 9 date seems like a pipe dream for the MLB season to start considering the outbreak of Coronavirus in the US. All major sporting events have been suspended including the NBA. The Center Of Disease Control And Prevention has advised minimum crowd gathering of no more than 50 people for an eight-week period. The Memorial Day, which is celebrated on May 9, in honour of the soldiers who died serving the United States, seems like the most appropriate date for the MLB season to start.

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Coronavirus lockdown: Coronavirus in the US could lead to shorter MLB season 

If the start of the MLB season is pushed to Memorial Day, the consequences of a delayed season are wide-ranging. Issues such as compensations, especially for the minor league players and the staff, service time, schedule, workouts all need to be sorted for a smooth 2020 campaign. There could be a possibility of the December World Series games being held in neutral sites but this can only be taken into account once the Coronavirus in the US situation gives clarity. 

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